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After my mother past away I had a dream of the end of the world. I believe that this is symbolization for the loss and grief we all experience when death takes someone close to us. It changed my whole world leaving me by myself.

Through the darkness of my new life I learned that you have to fight or just give up and wait to die. Once you, as said in my poem "open the doors of light" it becomes a realization of the more coherent world. Because of all the pain of loss, change, and loneliness I realized that I wasn't alone, but had a lot of family members and friends that were my Calvary and delivered me at the end of those painful days. So you see now those days have ended and that world is no longer a part of me.

I hope that everyone can understand where I'm coming from when they read this very special poem. Please let me hear your feed back. Thanks.

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I can't really relate about my mother but I can about a really close friend of mine named Mikel he died not to long ago January 17, 2004 and it was really devestating Trust me I know how you feel it hurts and I'm sorry. R. I. P Mikel
All I can say is WOW! You have worded this poem so beautifully. It had a lot of impact on me. It is full of so much emtion that it left me speachless. May your mother rest in peace and her memory live on forever.
That was a GREAT poem. i lost my father and he is missed and im sure ur mom is too!
My mother also passed away and i likedthis poem because u can understand where everyone is coming from when a parent much loved has passed on..

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Ending Days

By the grace of God's light,
derives a power in me to fight,
defending and completing what's right.

And so now begins a new time,
opening doors of light to shine.
Soldiers march through in a line.

Dressed in all that battle gear,
Angels become warriors with no fear,
Follows the day when Christ wipes his tear.

Our world covered in rivers of blood,
countless bodies form the Earth's mud,
death causing its own red flood.

All this horror is only a glimpse of pain,
so many diseases are yet to be gained,
slowly all life is drained.

Like herds of animals we are gathered,
with all piece of mind scattered,
realizing everything never really mattered.

Divine powers set upon us as a Calvary,
pressing against evil with great chivalry.
Leaving the fallen never to be free.

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This poem should be rated number one. It stimulates you, to feel the pain of the poet, and bare her pain. It provokes you to comfort those in need. And it relates to many who are in a time of bereavment.
A sad poem about life and today's world, expressed in an excellent manner. Author has real talent--has the ability to enter real depth of life. I can empathize with her--I lost my mother several years ago; and it changed my way of looking at life.
I like you poem a lot and I'm reciting in my english class. I think your work is wonderful.

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