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I wrote this poem not long after meeting the most wonderful woman in a chat room. I never planned on falling in love with someone on the net but she captured my heart and stirred my soul. We have been communicating for months now and I love her more than ever. Sometimes the best things in our lives come unlooked for . . .

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This is a great poem. When I read it I thought of the guy I met on here. I care so much for him and relate to you.
hey i love your poem me and my bf met online and i think this poem tells so much about how i feel
Wow i love this poem this is gd. this is exactly my situation but im afraid to tell my friends but gd poem keep up the gd work
thank you

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Thinking Of You

I sit here quietly and watch the sun set
Thinking of someone that I've never met
I wonder does she think of me too
Needless to say I am thinking of you

Wanting to hold you, to see your face
To take you away to a better place
You feel so right, too good to be true
I just can't stop thinking of you

My friends say that I might regret
Losing my heart to a girl I've not met
I say there is nothing I can do
I cannot help thinking of you

I believe you were made special for me
But wonder if that could possibly be
I'm tired of being so alone and blue
But I always smile when thinking of you

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this poem fits the situation i`m in at the moment, and thought it was very fitting, thank you very much for writing it. regards.
I think that this poem is beautiful. It describes exactly my situation and my love for a girl that I have yet to meet. Yes, you can meet the girl of your dreams on the net. I will meet mine soon and know her as well as I know people that I've met face-to-face; better maybe because all we have done is talk, endlessly. Thank-you for showing me that I am not alone in "losing my heart to a girl I've not met".
I LOVED! this poem its says everything i am feeling right now. its great:)
Oh my heck talk about the most wonderful poem I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this for I have fell madly in love with a man I have never met.
Same thing happend to me o ment a girl in a chat room and she lives close to me so i feel in love with her.
I love your poem thats just how i feel about my boy frined we have been talking on the computer 4 a while now and i cant stop thinking of him
What a lovely poem
i can relate to this poem, brilliant
Absolutely wonderful expression of love. You have a true gift, please continue to submit more enteries.
This poem was so beautiful and true. It deeply touched me in a good way.
this poem was amazing i loved it and can honestly relate. i give it a perfect 10
I thought this was a beautiful poem . I have felt the same way.
Your words touched my heart so much. I to like many others have found myself losing myself to someone on the internet. Your words put my feelings for him so well. I hope your heart as well as mine will not be broken.
I loved the poem this poem is exactly how i feel about a boy i met over the net and i love him so very much.
Wow this is a great poem its really touching, it reminds me of my crush in a different state to me. very nice.
this poem was great its one of the best cyber love poems ive heard!
i met a guy on the internet, and it does put a smile on my face when i think of him, so this poem felt like it was written for me to him.
this poem is really touch my heart. cuz i met someone at the chat room too. and kind like thinking bout him lately. a lot, and he told me he likes me. but am kind like scare to give awey my heart someone that i never met. but i think am in love. !
This one hit "dead on" for me!
Even though I am only 14 this poem reminds me of what happende between a girl and me
I Really like this. Show every day feelings.
This is an awsome poem I have found someone that says they love me and I always think of them I belive this is a wonderfull poem and the writer does have talent! I LOVE THIS POEM
I love this poem from the first moment i have read it. It's so real to life, it's me.
hey hey. i LURVE this poem so very much! its kinda the same feelin i have for this guy i met in the net also but. too bad he's got a gf. aniwaes. ur poem really touched me!
I really liked this poem because it reminded me of how I feel for my boyfriend, thank you!
WONDERFUL, it touched me because I onced loved a woman the same exact way, but I never got to be with her. She is still in my dreams and my heart an my soul. I hope the author of this great poen got his girl. DJ V! Music Makes The Soul.
i believe that writing pieces like this doesnt come naturally, to many anyway. The only way you can write a poem with deep thought and emotion is to be in sitution of exactly that. This poem covers that exactly and includes what most of us would feel like if we loved someone who we couldnt meet or was separated from for a long time. the poem has been driven by love and so the words that are in it make you feel that you are too. great poem!
That poem kind of remined me of some of the relationships I have had and it really touched me!
this poem describes exactly how i feel. well i meet this guy online like a month ago and i find myself thinking of him all the time. i love your poem. keep up the good work it's very good.
I love this poem cuz right now I really meant this guys thru the internet. An this is how I really feel right now about him. He also loves this poem thats why we are in love. I think this is one of the beautiful poem I ever heard
This is so sweet!
This peom is so captivating,real to life and yet so inevitable;but not much than the one i'm thinking of.
I Really Love this poem. It describes me , im in tha same boat being in love with a guy that i met in a chatroom. some say its crazy but i think its fate! keep writing
i gove this peom a 9 out of 10
Very nice poem, it reminds me of a friend that I have. I enjoyed reading this special poem. The author is very talented.
This poem reminds me of the guy that I'd like to see. If only he knew how much he means to me, this poem describes every word that I feel in my heart. This poem is truly an inspiration, and really true.
that touched me man. jus reminds me of my X. thanx man!
what can i say that poem is just so real! keep up the good work
Loved this poem! thats what happening to me right now, just cant stop thinking of her. Its been a month or so and we are in love so much. They interesting thing is we havnt seen each other and havn't done any voice conversation yet. We jus fell in love thru mails and yahoo chatings. Thank you to sea_of_koc for the lovely poem. ;)
missing my love
the man of my dreams. the one that haunts my heart and controls my very soul, i have never met. only through pictures and phone calls. what started off as a chance meeting in a chatroom almost 5 years ago has turned in to the strongest love i have ever known. though the reasons we remain apart after 5 years still remain. my heart and soul will forever belong to him.
I like ur poem very much because I'm in the same boat. I'm in love with someone I never met.
Love this poem. Wish you would post a copy wrote for the opposit sex though so i could send a copy of it to my baby. BUt I love it, very good.
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