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I met this guy on the internet. Throughout my life everyone has said that you can't fall in love with someone you have never met... Well, I did call myself crazy too; but I am head-over-heals and rolled-over twice. Please take time to read my poem and feel free to write to me via email.

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hi great poem,but no ur not crazy girl! i have met some one on the internet,im in love with him,he says he loves me too,i have never felt like this in years,we are hoping to meet each other soon,its all good cos i will take my sister with me lol. im not that stupid, just to be on the safe side hey! well again a great poem,hope u stay very happy,wish u all the best! jade. x
girl you can write shoot i think i could listen to your writing all day one love naomi k whitsett
I know exactly what you mean when people have said you're crazy. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two months. He's in Florida and I'm in Indiana, so people have definately told me I'm crazy. They've also told me because of our age difference. I'm 17 and he's almost 21. But I don't care. Like you, I'm head-ove-heels for someone I've never met. But I'm loving every minute of it! Good luck with your relationship!

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A single red rose stands alone.
It's the color of winter in a
colorless garden.
She screams her silence,
a feeling of helplessness.

She is beautiful.

You say I am beautiful, but I know I don't

We marinate in the smell of a rain
that has not yet come,
And snow has finally begun to fall
to cover up the damage this eternal
year has done.

I am commenting on the weather
but, from the corner of my eye
am falling in love with you.

You smile at me, and the sincerity
of it all courses through my
veins like a powerful drug;

And we've been here for hours...
Or has it been days?
the stars call your name;

And one-by-one
they are silenced ~

By the sound of your lips
against mine,



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I love the poem I think it was great
Mandi, your poem really touched me. My baby who is far far away never believed in online love until he met me. We are now inseperable. The day we meet is going to be so wonderful. Thank you for writing your feelings so beautifully.
This poem truly comes from a powerful source. I loved it. The love felt on the internet is just as amazing and just as painful and just as intense as any other. This one left me speechless. Great work!
I too fell head over heels for a guy off the internet. For months we would write back and forth emails and letters. Then one day the letters stopped coming, the emails stopped, the phone calls stopped. I have emailed him,with no reply. I have writen letters to him only to have them sent back saying no one lives at that address. This heartbreak hurt more an any of the others because there was no reason for the sudden goodbye. Be careful with your heart.
I too have fallen in love online.I can only hope and pray that it's as good in real life.
The words you use.extravagant the are. You describe not what you see but what you feel. It's all about the details, and comparisons. I can't interperate the feelings this poem stirs. It's wonderful.
a brilliant poem
I have the same experience / fall in love through internet .... It's something very special , magic; but what did happened when i'll meet this love in reality ?
i have fallen head-over-heels in love over the internet. this poems reflects everything i feel. it's the best one so far

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