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Thinking by Sarah Healy

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Its great. Youve got talent. I just got out of a realtionship and it helped. It gave me some things to think about.
Your poem is very touching to me, especially your last line.
I really like your poem. It,s like you know the pain i have innside me. Thank you.
I find this poem very sweet. I mean, it expresses alot of emotions people actually feel. i know this because i gone through this. well that's all i've got to say.
Really great comment. The imagery, i could almost imagine how she felt. Keep it up.
ur poem touched me and made me think of some things that im going through.
You're great. I have felt this before.
this peom is exactly what happened between me and my ex really hit hard to my heart
I am having the same feeling about this poem and it make me feel like the person was talking about my feelings.