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She Walks by Jeffrey Carter

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I can relate so much to this poem. I am myself going through the same. To know a man, can care as much as he has. Is wonderful. Thank you! You put words on screen for the way I feel in my heart.
That was like looking into a mirror!
loved it
Can the feeling of love lost by a friend equally be shared? I know it can. This poem is great. True friends are ones that you can laugh AND cry with, sharing thier feelings.
I can feel everything that was said in your poem. I'm going through a divorce and it's real ugly.
This poem is really great.
very touching
Dear Jeffrey, it almosts seem as if you're writing about me too, for I also feel like 'she' in the poem.
Your poem is wonderful..I know the pain and sorrow of losing someone and how long it takes to get over it and how lonely this world really is...
i love your poem a lot true to it in the facts of life.
That was a wonderful poem. Short yet sweet. The funny thing, is that it reminds me of myself and the way I feel.
This Poem Was ReallY Toutching, It Was Sad and I Had A good Feeling all the time I read it Tho The End Was wery happy and Hopefull.