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Promises Made by Christopher

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Everything you said, so true, brings back my yesterday tears. I want to be strong the way other people says. but the cold in his eyes kills all courage inside.
Great poem. i understand it entirely, it totally relates to my relationship or what it was
Great poem. so meaningful and sad. Great job.
It was really touching. and it was just like me and my ex-boyfriend
this poem is great. i really, really, really, feel this.
that was a great poem
Lovely !keep it up
Your poem was really nice. You really told how you felt and thats the way it should be. You reminded me of me and my ex boyfriend. I loved it!
That hit the nail on the head WOWWWWW! is all i can say
That was a nice poem, it's kinda like me and my ex boyfriend, he broke my heart to pieces and it hurt but i started to think all the bad that he has done, and i smile cuz i know i can do better then him, hurting from love is a part of life
So true.
I once thought it was perfect, that it too would last. Reading this peom lets me know someone has been where I am now. It also give me hope to know that they are also still going, that I too can continue on. Beautiful poem.
Your poems have made my heart grow stronger but I still wish I could have the one I love.
I once to had promises made to me that never fell threw, I love your poem!
It describes my relationship with my love. We promised nothing would ever go wrong with us and now.... well........ Thank you so much for writting this. it's a beautiful poem. I love it. Keep up your work. Someday it will pay.
I'm going to call you Chris if thats okay. Chris your poem was very deep and true. I love it because I can relate so well. I read your poem and the words ran right through me, I'm really feeling this poem because right now I'm living it. Thank-you for putting my feelings in to words for me.
I agree with what the author of this poem is trying to say and it really touched my heart.It is true that some one makes a promise to you and they never keep it,and that is whats wrong with this world today
it is very inspiring for me, my parents relatives and friends. This is the best!
This ia a very good poem. It'd cool.
A wonderful poem about letting go. You have expressed the feelings so precisely.
very nice
WOW!! u hit the nail on the head with this one.. someof this stuff happen to me... it was a great poem keep up the good work..