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Next Time by Kevin West

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Wowie. this poem reminds me of a guy who ment ALOT to me. and broke up with me 2 days ago. i really want to renew our flame. so Aaron. I you're reading this. I love you
Hey! Kevin that is a really good poem it kicks lol. Hey dude keep up the good work
Tht was a really good poem, it sounded like me but I was talking about a boy!
This poem reminded me of my first love. My parents wouldn't let me see a guy so we had to spilt up. He did so many bad things while I was away and when he tried to get me back I had already found out of the bad things he had done. I still love him to this day and will forever. But I would never take him back not now. He still loves me I can tell. but this poem i just wanted to let you know is very special. one thing is. keep on loving her. love never fades completly!
i love your poem it is nice and sweet.
YO! Love the poem! I am in the same situation with my girlfriend and I hate it and want it to stop! I'll make sure to show it to her. and her parents! But one problem. they dun speak english! Keep writing! Adios!
Kevin i think that was a great poem and it reflects how i felt about my girl and hey if you keep at it you'll go far with her. i'd also ask that i use this for my english assignment. good work.
hey i like it
Beautiful work and it makes me fill like i'm in that situation again.
i love you pome and i like u
I really liked this poem. it brought to me a reminder of someone i love.
Kevin you hit home on this one. It happened to me when I was 16. I'm now 25 and I'm still trying to get back with the person. I will never give up intill he is mine forever.
Your poem seems really moving, and I'm not saying that just to make you feel good, but its really good. I know a good poet when I see one. Good job!
I LOVED YOUR POEM! this poem relates to me and my boyfriend so much. im not allowed to have a boyfriend yet so our relationship is still a secret. he said hed wait as much as it took.
Kevin, I just wanted to say that the poem was sweet and i was in the same situation but my parents finally seen how much the guy liked me and allowed me to date him im hoping that maybe her parents will see the same thing but if there not then i would have to say that you should wait because the best things are worth waiting for.
I've been in this girl's position and my ex has been in urz. i think if you really like this girl then its worth the wait. and you know..if you prove to her that you do feel the way you say and will stick around you'll be sure to win her heart over. Much propz to you and this poem and good luck!
I think that this poem shows that no one leaves your heart and there can always be a next's harder to cry then hold your head up high and this is his way of's Great!
what is there to say,i LOVED THE POEM ,ITS GREAT,I can relate to that.LOVED IT!
hey man, i know what it feels like . i seriously wish you the best cuz dis has happned to me but its to late now to speak up. i better go cuz am crying.
That is the sweetest poem ever and i envy the girl it is about I really hope you two are together forever its nice to see guys feel this way for us girls your a real sweety!
i liked your poem alot i was in the same situation i'm the girl who can't date and lost this great guy who i really liked but let her reach her age and maybe you two can be.
I love this poem because it reflects what alot of people feel, including me, not being able to have someone because of restrictions or parents, or even because of unsure feelings. I give this poem a ten.
Kevin~ I think its really great that you feel this way about this girl.and i think its awesome that a guy can express his feelings this way. Most guys think the're too good for it or that its dumb. And i also think its great that you understand that her not being able to date you isnt her fault. You're one of the few good guys out there. Good Job.
LOVE IT heaps cool!
To read this poem it makes me look into my own relationship... it's so similar, except I am the girl feeling this. My parents played a major role in breaking my love up. Thanks, it makes me feel good to know that there are guys out in the world who can express their feelings so well, and keep it sweet while in the process. Thank you Kevin.