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Good-byes Are Harder Than Hellos by Danielle Hodgkins

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i really love this poem its the best, it can really touch every ones heart. iamsure every body loves it.
Your a very cool poet. Sorry about what happened though. (tear,tear)
loved it that waz really da bomb you made me think about old memoires
i love this poem its very touching.
HI! i love your poem i just posted it in my xanga so hopefully my ex will look at it and realize that i still love him and that i wish him the best at the marines boot camp college and life. keep writing such beautiful poems! soo lots of love ! buh bye!
I love this poem, my fiancee is in the marines and it lets me know someone else knows how I feel.
this poem is really good it lets people know what other people think about sayin gbye to a person u like
This poem made me cry when I read it. I'm 16, and my fiancee is 18. He's leaving for the Marines on Jan. 9. Thanks for this poem, keep up your good work.
My boyfriend is leaving for the marines and I don't know what to do or how to handle it. I need to talk to someone who knows what its like and how to deal with it. I'm so sad :( Your poem is excellent, very very good.
I really enjoyed this poem. But it sound 's like the guy involved in here died or somethign. but other than that I enjoyed it real good. Keep Up the good Work:p
Too good dear. so touching. it reminds me of my school and college days when i had to tell goodbye to my dear friends
This poem is awsome and very true. Keep writing poems like this they're very cool!:D
Hi I love this Poem. I umm actually broke up with my boy friend today so it made me sad but i still liked it. thanks again
Great poem, relates to everyone. It has feeling and lots of rhyme. Love it, it actually made me cry.
This is a beautiful poem! bravo!
hey the next time you write a poem will you send it to me thank you so much and i loved your poem
This poem is so right. If you meet someone that you really like and you don't have the courage to speak to them, and before you know it, that person is leaving or is involved with someone else.
I loved this poem. My boyfriend also just left for the Marines a week ago. It was so hard for both of us to say goodbye and this poem is exactly how I feel.
I loved the poem. almost brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me of my boyfriend and I (Hes in Iraq) Good job!
Mary Cecilia
This poem relates to me and someone I see every year for about a week and I really loved it.
This was brilliant and really touched me, I am moving abroad away from my girlfriend but this has really inspired me!
i like this poem it made me think of my ex girlfriend
That was the most saddest poem ever. i loved it!
This is a GREAT poem. It's so true & it describes how you feel when you lose someone you really care about.
this poem is the cutest things ever. its lovely how you expressed yourself. its so touching.
I loved this poem. I really did and I could almost relate to it in a really really weird way. I loved it and it touched my heart in a good way.
I love this poem because i am going through the same thing. My boyfriend is going to the marines and I really dont want him to because I love him and if any thing ever happens to him i would go straight crazy. But your poem really touched me. Thanks alot.
i really, really loved this poem. i met a guy and we got real close, then his mom had to move to Atlanta and we've haven't seen each other since.
I kind of know how u feel. my bf almost did the same thing. amazing job!
omg i loved it and it made me cry because it happened to me to my boyfriend moved and i dont even get a phone call from him even just to say hi i loved him so much and it really hurt me to move on but i found someone new
i think this poem is fantastic i love it so much ever hows poem it is well done and keep it theres my little poem hahah love jodie well done
i really like this poem it says alot about me and the way i fill about the one that i love and that is far away and i can't wait until he comes home soon
lil ma
I liked this poem Because I have to let my boyfriend leave and it was hard for me to let him go and say good- bye.
I really liked that poem because it almost made me cry. It made me think of all the things that i do to my boy friend in hurt him an all kinds of ways. It made me want to just call him and tell him sorry gfor a the hurt and pain i caused. I really feel that you should win a great big contest for this poem because it is really touching. Thank You Love, De'bor'ah scott p. s keep up the good work in you will be a lot better and hopefully i'll be the first to hear or read it.
i love this poem cause something like it happened to me and my boyfriend so on a scale 1-10 this poem would be a 10
Wow, that made me cry. You are an awesome writer. Keep up the good work.
i think that this poem is one of the best poems i have ever read and i have read alot of poems in my time you are very talented keep it up!
I love this poem!it touches me in my heart!LOVE IT!
You did a really good job on this poem, I Like it alot, it it reminded me of a friend who had to let her special someone go to california becuase he is in the marines, now hes in iraq, she cant wait for him to come home. Nice Job on your poem.
wow, that poem actually made me cry. You see my bf from 4 years is leaving to go to the military in the future. We have plans to get married next year so that I can go live on base with him. He also wants to wait 4 years after high school before going into the military, he wants to go to the Marines. I am not sure what will happend with me and him. What I am sure of is that you are stronger than I am. I couldnt handle it if the guy of my life leaves. I cant even be away from him even for a day. I just wanted you to know that.
I thought your poem was very sad! I also tought it was really good and very meaningful! I think you should keep writhing and hopefully I can read the next one you write!
this was great. I know what you are going through I just recently went threw that same thing! Keep up the good work and always be strong!
My boyfriend just left for Iraq today and I have to say that this poem really touched my heart. It actually freaked me out because that was basically what happened in our situation. We always used to see each other in the hallways in school and I had always liked him but tried to avoid the situation because I was intimidated. But he never gave up and kept calling and eventually I began to realize how amazing of a guy he was. We have been together for over 2 years now and I have been through everything with him right by my side. He has been in the marines for a little over a year now but this is his first time in Iraq so he's gonna be away a lot longer than all the other times and I wish I could just go with him. I would like to send him a copy of your poem if you don't mind and tell him how I found this online by another girl who's boyfriend is in the Marines too. It is so funny how it reminds me of us.
your poem is sooo cute, ilove it cuz it's the same thing that hapend to me and my x.
this was a really great poem. it touched the deepest part of my soul.
i really like this poem!
This was a really good one it was bringing tears to my eyes.
This poem is so truely true. It described just how me and my friend Wayne meet. And how we had to say good-bye he went to stay with his mother.
this poem was great and very sad. it truly touched my heart. keep writing great poems like this.
hi my name is sable and i love your poem my boyfriend is also in the marins as well as my brothers i miss all of them more and more every day i will try to take ur advice and when i get lonly look at the sky and think of them at night there has been many times when i look at a stare and wonmder if there looking at that same stare . love sable basket baller #41
I love this poem because I had just got done e-mailing my ex girlfriend and I was shocked because this poem basically told my past and hopefully my future and I hope she can forgive me and Be back together "once more and forever"
I wish me and my ex were this way i miss him so much. Hellos r hard but goodbyes r harder. This poem made me feel much better about myself for having to say good bye to the one i truly loved. once again thank u
I like this poem alot. I am 16 and My boyfriend is 19. He has been My boyfriend for 3 and a half years and has went into the navy this past summer. It left me heartbroken. we are engaged to marry when he comes back. I hope things work out with your Marine.
your poem was good it may help me to let my boyfriend good but i thin that mine is going totake longer
I just have to say to the poet, I now what she means and feels. I have a loved one in the Marines and in a month or so he will be sent to Iraq. I lost my "Big Brother/Bestfriend" that is a Marine in Iraq and to say it I know how the poet feels when you worry and you just gatta pray for there safe return home to there loved ones. This poem is very very good, it touched me. Laura
This peom is so true and I loved it.
I love that poem. It was so sweet an it is a lot harder to say goodbye than to say hello. I've had to say goodbye to guys i loved an it was hard but with God, he brought us back together every time.
awww i really love dis poem itz ssssssoooooo touchin and itz sad and touvhes ur heart! itz fab !
The poem was really good. On a scale from one to ten I'll give it a difinite ten. I guess I liked it so much because I can relate to it. I hope this gives you a boost of confidence to keep expressing yourself through your poetry
i really like your poem i am so sorry. it is hard to say good bye i would know i had to say good bye too but your poem is right dont worry great poem
loved it! keep writing
i thought this poem was really good, it was really well writtne, i really got attated to it
Wow i felt the same way when i went on a cruise those are hard to for there was this boy i thought was cute he said hello to me i said hello to i had to say goodbye and i hated it so much i never even talk to him it makes me sad cause i wish i could have said goodbye but ididnt and now i cry!
This poem really touched me. It reminds of me and my boyfriend. we haven't seen each other all summer since our last goodbye. so keep up the good work. you have the talent.
i liked your poem very much, i waas really touched by it n i can relate to it.
i loves your poem it made me cry, i lost my bf on june the 3rd to a heartattack he was sick and didnt tell anyone he was only 16 i still believe we will met again. keep on writing you are an brilliant author!
1 word wow iluv it very mucho
This poem touches me so much and rememinded so much of someone i love
Wow what can i say, i think im gonna cry, u just took my hear away
This poem was great i almost cried while reading it
I liked your poem. I like how you used God in it and how he will watch over both you and your boyfriend. I also liked how you have confidence in God that he will lead you two back to each other.
hey ur poem really touched me because i have 2 leave the one i love and move 2 arizona and im going 2 send this poem 2 him and maybe he will understand why im leaving and that one day ill will come back because my whole life is here. thank u very much!
This poem has touched me deep down into my heart and made me remember how hard it is to say goodbye. It made me cry when I remembered how tough it was when me and my guy both said goodbye.
awesome poem
This Poem Is very well written it has alot of truth it is a aswome poem so keep up the good work:)
that is a good poem. i kno how it feels to say goodbye to someone who is in the Marines.
this poem was unusually good, it really made me think of how ppl feel wen they have 2 say goodbye. its a sad feeling but it has 2 b dun. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx great poem
that's a great poem reminds me of my ex i know that he will come back oen day
Ouch. That's all I can say is Ouch. I am going through the same exact thing you were going through. I miss him so much, and I love him with all of my heart. We were introduced by a friend, and were kind of shy at first, but after a while, we were perfect for each other, and we spent almost every day together. We would walk all the way across town to meet one another, just to be together. Then he had to leave to the army. I was okay the first week, the second was tough, but It didn't really hit me until his best friend had his going away party (he was going to the army also), and Kevin wasn't there. I kept looking around for him, wondering where he was and when he was coming, but I finally realized. he wasn't. It broke my heart, and I haven't been the same since. But kudos to you, great poem. I feel the pain behind the words.
This poem was awesome and it all is true! Congratulations you have really touched my heart!
this poem is true because it reminds me of a time i had. when it was hard for me to greet the one i really liked. now he broke up with me and its been 8 months since we parted and its so hard for me to say "goodbye" i dont ever want to though.
I loved this poem! it was truely about me and my good friend. who lives in Pennsylivana and it really touches close to home! this poem is wounderful!
this poem is really sad. The same thing had happened to me. Keep writing.
oh my god. this is so sweet. for this project, we were assigned to choose a poem that really touched us and that we liked. Guess what??! i chose this one.
That poems was awesome! Great job! my boyfriends not here rite now either! its tough! but anyways great poem! your very talented
I really liked your poem its true hellos are worse than good bye
I really loved your poem. I had a situation like that. This boy I was going out with in 6th grade moved away. We were gone get split up n-e way because they were building a new school and I had to go there. So in 9th grade he came back to our school. We stared back talking. I was so happy. Then we broke up because things weren't right at the time so he started to go with this other girl and so over the Christmas holiday we started to talk again. Then I found out he was moving again. It hurt me so bad. We were going to go back out too.
I really loved this poem. I can relate to it. My boyfriend is in the Marines and each time I have to tell him good-bye it tears me up inside. I hope he knows how much I love and miss him. Keep writing b/c there are some of us that need these poems. They really help me to deal with him being gone. Thanks!
I loved the poem, because it reminds me of my boyfriend and I. Two weeks ago he left to go to California for Christmas. I had to say goodbye, but I hope to say hello again very soon.
this is a very nice and touching poem!
i really enjoyed your poem. it reflects how tough it can be to be in love. i really enjoyed it.
when you release a book of poems i'll be first to buy it!
when i was reading this poem it made me wanna cry beacause i think of my love and how he had toleave me
i can really relate to this poem, i think it's really great, i was just resontly in a relationship with a guy my parents do not like an they made us brake up an now they wont let us talk but i see him every weekend an he might be leaving for the army in march 2003, so i wont even be able to see him anymore!
That poem is the sweetest thing ever. My first love is going into the army and he is being shipped of to Korea for four years. Im having a hard time with it, but i know that some day we will be back together again.
I love this! This is so true and so great! THis has made me think about my current situation! thanks
saddest girl
wow, i love your poem. i can really relate. keep writing. your very talented.
This poem is also true Good bye's are sooo much harder than hello's. I love this peom because I had to let go of my first love and now when I see him we barely talk but we both know deep down inside that we still love each other and one day god will bring us back together.
This poem really meant something to me personally because four months ago my boyfriend move to San Jose and good byes really are the hardest thing to say.
I love poem because it sounds like me and my boyfriend, I just meant him and he has to next month. I might never see him again. And this here poem reminds me of him and the time he leaves.
I loved this poem it treminds me of me and my old boyfriend see we meet on the phone my friend hooked us up and he wanted me to come and see him. So i did i snuck out and got cought and now were along way to be together again.
you are a beautiful writer. Classical!
i really think your poem is the best poem i've ever heard in my life everything you said is all true about one another just keep up the good work.
this poem is the best
that poem was extremely good but sad. I know what you mean though. I might not be feeling the exact thing because my ex didnt die he just you know DIED.
This poem is so AWESOME! My best friend's brother had to go to Iraq and fight for our country. I didn't even get to say good-bye because I was on Spring Break vacation when he left. It was terrible I couldn't sleep at night. Then finally he called his brother when I was over. He let me talk to him. I was so happy that he was okay and he'll be coming back in 6mths or sooner! I hope this war ends w/ Iraq I have already lost to many friends
I think the poem is very beautiful and everytime i read it, it gives me goose bumps. I pray that god sends that special someone in your life home as soon as possible and keeps him safe. and may god bless all the troops over seas.
i absolutely loved this poem it is the greatest shows real deep true love good job
Your poem reminded me off a guy that I like. At first I would ignore him but then we got to be good friends. He's a senior and going to college 5 hours away. It was a great poem.
i think this was a real good poem, it was down to earth and very true.
Your poem was absolutly great. I'm also going through alot of pain because my boyfriend left to go back to the Marines in October so it's been really hard. This poem really helped me realize that there is hope. It's good to know that i'm not alone
i really loved this poem because my ex and i broke up about 4 monthes ago and am still not over him. it seems like everytime i start getting over him he always gives me a phone call! i love him to death but i don't know how to tell him!
I really loved this poem. It reminded me of me and my first love who is across the miles. the poem was beautiful
I love this poem it talks so much about me and my life
Oh my, that poem was great! My boyfriend of twenty months just left for the ARMY. And I know how hard it was for you to have to say good bye
i just want to say thanks a lot for writing this poem its helped me out a lot after a moved away and left the guy i fell in love with behind !
i love all the peoms but i love you just took it all
omg! i have the same thing going on in my life. he likes me too but he's moveing:(:(
Your poem is wonderful and touched me greatly as my friend died last year and it just reminded me how we never used to speak much and then we became best friends but i never really got to say goodbye Thank you u are very talented
Your poem was great! i defenetly know what ur talking about. u made me realize im not alone in this horrible situation. My boyfiend is also in the marines and i miss him w/ all my heart!keep on writing because ur a "keeper". thanx!
I think that this poem was the greatest. It made me think of my ex-boyfriend that moved away. Thanks you for the memories that came back to me!
I think your poem was really nice, in a odd way it reminded me of a love past.
WOW! that poem was amazing, my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and he is in the Marines and I can understand where you are coming from, that is an excellent poem!
I really loved your poem because my b/f is leaving for the Marines in October. I lvoe him so much and i am going to miss him even more than he knows. I really hope things work out between you two. You have a wounderful talent, keep up the good work! *God Bless*
I think that the poem was wonderful and true. I think the person whowrote this poem have the same feelings inside like m. I was very sweet and special.
That poem was very nice
beautiful poem!
I just wanted to say this is the best poem I have found. My ex is going to the Marines in July and I totally feel your poem. It really describes how I feel. Thank you for writing it.
I thought that this poem was very good. I go through many things with a guy I love. I think you should write more because you write very good.
I have to say goodbye to my love because there is so much against us espacially our age and although we must say bye now i know we will be 2-gether later,that was a beautiful poem i can relate to!Keep writing
I can really relate to that poem because my boyfriend of a year and a half who I am very very close to is leaving me for Basic training for the U. S. Army in July. He also has the chance of being sent off as I sit here so I can very much relate to that wonderful poem.
WoW! u'r poem was realy good, through u'r peom I sorda understood what u were trying to say. U'r poem was totally hot I hope things work out for u guys.
When i read this poem i started balling because she said it was about a guy leaving for the marines and well my boyfriend is gunna join the marines when he graduates next year and it is really gunna be hard on us so this poem touched me more than you know!
I really enjoyed this poem, word for word it describesmy relationship with this guy Nick, he left to g into the marines. I think of him every day, and Miss him with all I've got. Thank You for writing this poem so Nick can truely understand how I feel. You Rock!
I really liked these poem because me and my best friend from flordia had to leave each other and i miss her very well
My boyfriend is a marine and I loved the poem! He is far away right now and when he leaves it is hard but we never say the word "goodbye." We are still going strong. God will bring you two back together if that is his plan.
This was the best poem ive seen yet. you are very talented and i loved reading your poem.
Oh that is sososo good poem. Hope you know that. I wish my friend can anderstand this, but she can. however wil all can't anderstand something in our life. Thank you for a poem
Hi I loved your poem it was exactly how I felt when my boyfriend moved away your a terrific writer keep up the great work : )
This poem is so touching and true.It was almost like looking at a waterfall it just fell right into my lap!I loved this poem.
This poem is so true,I know it because i'm in the same boat.
I really love this poem because my b/f and I have been together for 5 years and he just recently went into the marines and I miss him so much. I cry almost evryday, but this poem has help me to cope with the fact that he is gone and if we are going to be together then we will bw
It's great how you placed all thos subtle actions together. It's so sweet but painful. Very good! Keep writing. The world needs good poets like you.
Girl, I totaly understand where these words comefrom, you are a very talented poet, and a lot of people would love to have the talent that you have recieved.Keep it goin'.
NO WORDS!so true i find in this poem!!!SO MUCH TRUE!
i really like this poem coz i can realte to it coz my girlfriend just broke up with em 3 days ago coz she lives far away.
This poem meant a lot to me when i read it because it explains exacly what I am going through right now. My boyfriend and I have been together for about almost 5 years. We have been through good and bad times. Ever since I've met him he has been my boyfriend as well as my best friend. He has been there every time I needed to talk to someone. He makes me feel good and comfortable being around him and that is how I learned to LOVE HIM. Last month he told me he wanted to go to the Airforce. I was in a shock because I never expected that, but I now that by going over there it will help him better himself. Now I have to sacrify my feelings for what makes him happy. All I know is that I will miss him a lot and I do want be with him. If god wants us to spend the rest of our lives together he will keep us together for these coming 4 years and forever.
I think this is very good and the best one that i have looked at. You are very good
I love this poem . My first love went away to the Marines and it tore me up but now every time he comes home i am so happy to see him i realize everything will be ok.
I LOVE this poem! It reminds me of when i had to say good-bye to my boyfriend.
I can very much relate to this poem. My boyfriend left fo boot camp in the marines for 3 months. When he returns, it will only be for 10 days, the we have to say goodbye again. I don't know if our relationship is going to work, as we will only be able to see eachother a few times a year for the next few years. = (
i really liked your poem. my old bestfriend who is now my boyfriend of 5 months is leaving for the coastguard this coming fall and i am dreading every moment of it. i cant let him go and i cry all of the time just thinking about not having him anymore. your poem tells my story exactly.
True to it's title, the poem really reminds each of us atleast one occation in life, when we found it difficult to say Good-Bye to someone who meant everything.
I really like this poem because it is a very touching poem and I know how it feels when somebody you love leaves you. 'very nice poem!
This poem really touched my heart. My husband and I just got married and its really hard cause he just left on a business trip to Alabama for a month and its so hard to tell him good-bye. I called him and read your poem to him and as I was reading it i started to cry and that brought him to tears too. So everytime I get sad and miss him I read your poem. Thankyou you've made me feel so much better.
I love this poem!it reminds meh of what i have to see sister and her boyfriend have been in love for the past 3 yeras but finally just got together about 3 months ago!i have to see her cry everynite becuz he's in the coast guards!a while away but she loves him more then ne thing..seein hurt in her eyes at the age of 17 hurts meh at the age of 14!i hate havin her cry and i'm gunna write this down and give it to her and tell her there's other out there like u who are goin through the same thing!
dang!i really, REALLY LOVE this poem. its so makes me think of my first love. its exactly how i felt, i might have never found the words, until i read this..
I just grad. boot camp from the marines. it was hard to say good bye then. now after how happy she was to see me again, i have to say good bye once more. your poem touched me. thank you.
I think this poem is really god cuz Its true and it fits me perfect.
i relly think this poem is really worth it. My goodbyes are going to kill me when they move.. i just wanted tolet everyone know that if you love someone so dear like i do. it is hard to say good-bye!
i love this poem i totally felt the same when my boyfriend left to another state. so i can relate
I really enjoyed your poem I know just how you feel my fianc'e went to the Marines and I won't get to see him until June, and it relates to me on how I feel too. good-job on this poem
THIS poem is very touching and ver true. happen to me once hehe..
This was an absolutely fabulous poem. So touching, so passionate. I just loved it..
this poem is really great it brought tears to my eyes.
i love this poem it made me cry b/c my boyfriend enlisted in the navy and he is going to Japan for 6 months so i know how hard it is gonna be
This is beautiful! My best friend ever is leaving. He is going inot the Army. I wont see him for many months..maybe even years. It has been hard for me as these months before he leaves dwindles away. Thank you for helpped me.
This poem reminds me of the live of my life! i had to move away and this brought back so many memories! and now we are together forever!
This poem is so ture and so sweet, once you have been with someone for long it is so hard to say good~bye and this poem just says what you feel. It's a great poem.
This poem is very sweet, and so true! The poet did I great job of expressing it!
I like this poem because it describes what I'm going through right now.
i thought it was very well written and it made me cry
this poemis a great one. it tells what every young couple is afraid of. not being abletomakethe decisionto stay if there parents make the decision to leave.
I love this poem! It is so true!
This was a very nice poem. This poem describes exactly how I feel. I have just moved awaay from my boyfriend because of the navy and i miss him so much. I hope that one day the Lord will bring him back to me in any way shape or form.
Your work is heart-setting, and I thank you for this poem;it really speaks to me.
I just love this poem! It shows the true emotion and emphasizes it. It tells the truth on how hard it is to say good-bye to someone you dearly love.
that poem was so cute! it was really good too! good job!
I really agree with this poem because I know how it feels too love someone you have been with for a long time and then they leave because I am in that position right now my b/f is in the army and we have been together for 3 years before he decided to enlist and it is so hard to just say goodbye