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What Good Is Love by Sass

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it was excellent
Ok this hit way close to home My eyes are filled with tears as I read it! You tapped into my soul and brought forth the words I want to say.
I voted for this poem because i'ts meaning is true. I also voted because I'm living it.
this poem is so trua it realy got to me
This poem makes me think of how I had to move and break up with my b/f I miss him so much! I wish he had e-mail I would send this to him!
this poem was well written and the best poem i have read in my life and Sass if you see this then i hope you have a good life and is this based on a true story.
thats such nice poem keep up the good and i hope because of these poems you'l;l be very succesful in life!
That poem could have been written for me. It is truly how I,m feeling at this moment. It has made me realise that I cannot continue to live in this hell. it's not living. It's surviving. I,m sending this poem to my husband. It tells him everything I,ve wanted him to know for so long, but never knew how to say. Thank you so much.
it was a great poem and i really feel what you are feeling and i respect your writing. keep up the good work
Good poem! I feel your pain. No man or woman should have to go through what you have written.
i love this poem it is the bomb. i understand where u r coming from.
I understand what she is saying and how it feels to be in that postion. This poem actually made me thimk and cry for awhile.
this poem is so cute. it makes me want to cry cause i can totally relate
great poem i felt it
it's very expressional. i feel that it is, because i've felt the feelings, she has expressed in the poem.
awesome poem:)!