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What Did You Expect? by Sandy Fioretti

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This poem is wonderful, it's funny how those who don't mean to hurt you end up hurting you the most. Time goes by, lovers come and go, but the one who hurt you without knowing seems to never leave. The poem was great and spoke absolute truth.
Wow Been there done that and you have put it into words Thank you
i reaaly like this poem..because a lot of people can relate to it
i feel as though u know me cuz this is exactly how i feel, u r so good.
i really love this poem. it's so true. a precise description of someone who is broken-hearted.
A very beautiful poem. It makes me understand something that I never have. Thank you Sandy.
Its pretty cool.I love it.
this pem was so great! i can totally relate to what the author is righting about. so many time people hurt others because they dont think of the results that will follow.
wonderful, and perfectly descriptive of a broken heart.
The poem, What Did You Expect?, I think was very well explained. I just went through the same sort of trauma, and it feels awful. Your poem said it all.
I liked the poem, so sad that it is so true.
i love this poem
been there
This is an excellent poem showing the selfishness of a person.
this poem I can totally relate to. It is a wonderful poem