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Friends Don't Always Last by Ashley Baron

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I like this poem because it touched me and i know how it is to loose a friend. so keep doing what you do cause u can make it somewhere everyone starts off small but ends up big.
i love this poem
hmmmm. diz poem so totally reminds me of ma best frnd n me. n i really miss him LOADZZZZ. V shared a lot of stuff together. lov, sorrow. tears. happines. He's lyka a rainbow 2 me. SO COLORFUL. diz poem says it all!
your poem was great. I think this poem realy suits me because I had had a miss understand with my best friend. She was best friend for past 6 years but when we came to secondary school life we are no more longer best friends. I realy miss her a lot and also all the sweet moments I had with her.
For so long i have been trying to pick the right words to explain the situation i am in and you have done it perfectly. you may not no it but your probably helping out so many peeps in the same situation. you definately helped me, THANX! what a great poem!
I loved this poem it is like whoever wrote this is in my mind. Great poem!
This poem is exactly how i feel right now. Me and my friend haven't been hanging out as much, and she just doesnt seem to care or even notice. The way you wrote this poem makes me feel not as alone as i have been feeling because it seems as if you or atleast some of the other people who have left comments understand what ive been going through. Thanks. This helped.
I really liked yr poem it touched me deep down inside. And I related to that story that happend tp me once.
it is so true it how i feel for my friends
this poem really relates to me and my best friend. we barley talk and I miss her!
Well I like this in some ways, I think you did a wonderful job on this poem, friendship is a part of you teenager lise time. You always need a friend no matter were you are . Why because you need a friend shoulder to cry on and laugh with and cry and do things with. IT TOUCH MY HREAT BRITTANY ANN BAILEY
this 1 was great. i love it.
This is happening to me right now i could really comment on this. I t really hurts so bad.
this poem is reali sweet. it reminds me of my friendship now with all my friends i feel really left out but none of them actually realise how much its hurting me. this poem is fantastic for puttin a friendship problem across carry on the poems good luck x x x x
dis poem is how sum one feel but wont tell u
Perfect, great poem. Made me rmb about my best friend when I'm eight. Now she has turned into a bossy stuck-up girl with stuck-up friends just because she had become a prefect when we're nine.
This was a really good poem. it showed alot of feeling and its really true in alot of cases. i like it
IT touched my heart so deeply.
I Love this poem because the same thing is happening to me with my best friend, and I think I'm going to give it to her. I LOVED IT!
i like this poem because i have a friend and i think im loosing him and i dont want to because i love him
This poem really touvhed me because I am going thru that situation with me BF right now. We have known each other for four years and this poem really touched me.
oh I love this poem and every word that you said is so true tahts the way it is with my friends to
i think this poem is soo tru i thank this poem b/c i didn't know how to explain to a person that our friendship isn't the same anymore even though i tried to keep it alive
this was Soooo good. i like this poem because i am going through the same thing right now.
i liked this poem.
Yeah, this poem is one I could really relate to sometime back, when my friends had just screwed me over for no reason whatsoever. really great.
this sounds like all the stuff that happens all around me and it has me asking what did i do wrong but then i see i did nothing wrong it was that person
i really loved this poem. dis is really what im goin through rite now and things aren't jus workin out with me and my friends. thank
i voting 4 this poem cause it has preety words to go with it and i thing it is a preety poem that your friend will like and i thing this poem is so preety that probly she or he will be your friend again THIS POEM IS SO PREETY GOOD JOB ON MAKING IT!
i have the same problem with one of my friends and when i read it it made the most perfect sense. It really did touch me and i decided to send it to my friend. You are the only people that have really written down what i really fee. It was a great poem!
OMG. This is a great poem. I can relate to this poem because me, and 3 other girls I used to be friends with were friends in grade 3,4,5,and6. As the older grades started to pass by, we slowly grew apart. Thanks for writing this poem, that all teenage girls can relate to. This poem says "friendship"!
dat is how i'm feeling now . its a great poem
i think its the bestest way to describe that u or they don't want to be friends anymore.
This poem was so good i loved it im also going through stuff with my best friend
this is a gr8 poem i can totally re8 2 it
I loveeee this poem!
i like this one because im having this problem to. my friend since the 6th grade and im in 8th now is mad at me and she wants to stop being friends because of a fight. i told her i dont care but i really do. and i think cuz of this im going to lose my other best friend cuz they have been best friends for a longer time than with me. so i understand this poem. Michelle
that poem was good and thoughtful. MY friend died in a car accident on march 4,2006. so it was hard for me . but your poem helped me through it so thanx
Hey, I love you poem! I know how you feel. Me and my best-friend no longer talk. I don't think things will ever be the same. she like my brother and i like her bother, it was crazy. Then one day we just kinda stopped being friends after my brother went to college and i had to wonder if she was ever my friend at all.
hey. its really touching my soul. i like it. best poem. ! its make me remember my bestfriend who dead past 2 years. its kind of wonderful time. when i with her. sharing our hapiness and sadness time. but its really hard for me to know. she had gone forever-and ever.
I liked this poem because it touched me and like if a friend of someones is being mean to that person then it can teach them to not be mad at there soppose to be friend so they will think that they are really best friends and not feal really bad i loved the poem!
yeah,u know, sometimes i feel world is not fair 4 me
Wow that was amazing it truly touched me in a way I didn't think posiable.
This poem is sweet and i tink it cool myself I LUV THE POEM!
The poem just has alot of meaning to me, because that's what can really happen in this world and it does happen and it is happening to me right now.
this was really inspiring and it touched me
that poem was great
this poem remembers me about my best frind that we were like sistres but like the poem said that friendship dosen't last longer!
This poem touched my heart like no other poem!:)
I thought that I had a true friend but she really put!Me down so much and i like that don't last always. so good on your poem.
well this pome reminds me alot of me and my friend from my class and its really sad cause we are now in the 9th grade and we have been been friends since grade 4 and now she's ignoreing me talking to her new bestfriend and not me anymore and she really doesn't know how bad its hurts and the worst part about it is her bestfriend from churh doesent like me and i really don't know why it hurts she doesn't know that a cry alot because of her and really don't she cares so my friendship really isn't hers anymore and i finally ok with that i think
pa houa
wow! i love your poem, it just soo fits into the situation i'm in right now.
this poem is really good, im going throu a fite w/my friends now and this is exactly how i feel, this poem is awsome! i love it
this makes me think of me and my friends i had when i was that age. it really touched me thanks for letting me read this.
Excellent poem! =) I can especially relate to this because my best freind is doing the same thing to me. I help him give him stuff, he used to awknoledge it, but no he doesnt. He becomes freidns with this new kid, Jacob. He says hes a better freind, and said this infront of my face, because so much more cooler then me. It hurt a lot. I thnk the author becuse i now that im not the only one with this problem and one day ill find a good freinds. PHEW thats off my chest ! Thank u so much i owe u big time
I really like the poems on your website!
i think that the poem tells the truth keep on writing . i think you are a kind of person that speaks the truth . i am loseing a friend too have fun writing
life is a strange debarkle. the many facets that essentially 'make up' life,such as friendship (the central theme behind your poem) , likewise are queer. it sounds to me that you value this facet as highly as i do. i think some people just dont realise or appreciate friendship as highly as others. whether that is for the better or not
i really like this poem cuz i fell the say way about what happening in this peom with me and my freind i understand it !
yOu rOck!
i loved this poem cause,like,i kno how it is to lose a bff,and it does hurt. it's great to see that other people feel the same!
I really liked the poem. Reason why is because I used to be able to relate to what it say. To whom this may consern the only friend that will last forever is the friendship of GOD!
wow this is a really good poem i can relate to it alot right now me and my friend that has been my BEST friend for like 5 years is mad @ me for something i didn't even do so this has really touched me
I really like the poem. I like it because it is real and you can relate to it. It was well put and I have never found a poem that I could relate to and enjoy the factuality in it. You are a good poet and keep up the good work! :)
I'm having problems with my best friend too! I just don't see what I did wrong. Now she just just hangs out with a popular girl and I just don't fit in
its a nice poems i dont no what great because i just started to write but its good
dark dayz
this poem is good u know what can i use it 4 my proj thanks or no thanks
Your poem is great im going through the same situation
jus fell very sad now. atcually nothing i can do now to save the friendship with my 3 friends now. although i knew that v r in different world. but i really care about them. after so many time hurt by them. jus wanna cry now. . .
This poem made me think that I am lucky to be so close to my friends, if half of the people I met had heard this a year or two ago maybe they would still have some friends. A person recently told me that she didn't like me and two other friends of mine, but that she still loved to hang out with our other friend. If I had heard this two weeks ago maybe I would have seen that coming.
this poem really relates to how i felt at one point during schoool
This reminds me of my friend and me we use to get along but not no more.
Great poem, relate it to my life. Keep working strong. Remember forgive but don't forget.
I LOVE your poem! It touched me because I barely talk to my 3 best friends anymore and its really hard I miss them a lot and even when I try and talk to them again its like they dont care anymore! Your poem is amazing thanks!
hey ashley i loved your poem it was great.
i really liked that pom because it started to happen in my life right now with one of my best friends.
i like i touch me good job
Well, it's really true that FRIENDSHIP don't lasts forever in life. Everything has an end when LIFE itself has an end, but those who value FRIENDSHIP cannot unfortunately accept that their FRIENDSHIP will come to see that day. Personally in the name of FRIENDSHIP I have been deceived so many times in life, I have always been helpful to my friends but in return I have lost them, they do don't even have the courage to make new FRIENDS though I have got many people to share my life, my feelings coz I fear that I may lose once again and a lost is not something that one can come out so easily as it is really a very big big lost. MAY THOSE WHO ARE READING MY MESSAGE ALWAYS BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR FRIENDS CAUSE A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED!
This reminds me of my friend and me.
This poem explaines exactly how I feel. Me and my best friend are going through some problems. Everyone is telling me to stay away from her. It basicly comes down to hr choosing between me and a guy. I'm scared tofind out who she chooses but along they way I've been getting hurt.
i love this poem i was about to cry almost the same thing happened to me it was not that we wont talk we can not talk because of her father but the saying goes everything happens for a reasons
your right it really does hurt when someone you love forgets all about you. i loved your poem soooo much, i cam really relate to it.
You are an inspirtational poet. I agree to this and os based on REAL LIFE not some fairy tale world.
i like this poem cause its what im going through with my friend.
i loved the poem i really did it reminded me of my friend and i i dont know why though but it just does
i no how u feel that how me& my best friend r now
I have a friend that I don't have her trust. She always lies to me. I will be her friend no matter what but,I will not be able to trust her. I love this poem.
i think this poem was very good
OMG i love this poem it fits me perfectly. It expresses all my emotions i can't say to my friends faces. I lvoe it it's awesome. Your very talented
I loved this poem i would rate it a 9 out of 10
I really liked this poem it happened to me and my best friend. We barely even talk anymore.
hi just wanted to say i love this poem im in the same situation. i fell like i lost my best friend ever since her boyfriend left her she does not talk to me anymore,
I realy like this poem and this is how I felt when my best friend ignored me . I also write poems and this on realy made me cry.
I really like this poem because it seemed to exactly describe what i am going through right now with the girl that has been my best friend since 2nd grade! It's all because of her stupid boyfriend and i just don't feel like i fit in with them anymore. your poem really helped my feel better and i think i am going to show it to my friend and maybe it will help her understand what is going on with me right now. thanks for taking the time to write it. tana clarke
hihi I like this Poem Very Much and I'm gonna Write this to my friend byebye ;)
This poem was great. It really got to me because one of my best friends isnt talking to me. It really hurts because I used to think that we were like sisters. I told her everything but I guess it wasnt true. Keep wrighting.
I like the poem becuse it is so true. You can never always have the friends you want. People always have a down side and not having a friend you want is a larg set down.
This poem spoke exactly what I'm feeling right now.
I really liked this poem. but it is exacly wats happenin 2 me at tha moment i think. (
The reason why I likethis poems because I can relate to it. I use to have a friend that was like that.
i love them poem you have a good God given talent
(If there are any mistakes in the text don't be mad because English isn't my language that I speak. ) This is a really good poem, I think. Maybe it is because i recognize it in my own life. I don't know if you wrote it because you feel it or just for fun but I think you did it very good ! 10 / 10 !
Friendships are two-way, and if it so happened that one party does not cherish it, then the other just has to know and perhaps let go of it.
This is a great poem. In my life this poem is so true.
It's realy touching to me
i really like this poem! it reminds me of me and my "friend" im always there for her but it seems like she isnt for me and i dont know what to do. she always choose her boyfriend over her friends. idk
This poem holds so much truth in it, it truthfuly reflects what many people feel during his/her teenage life, it certinaly reflected mine.
great poem send me one evry week a couple of poems it can be about friendship ,or just any thing da poems is really nice thanx
I thought that this poem was sooo good! It is SOOO true for me and my ex-best friend!Your are every good at this!
I like this poem because I feel sort of the same way, that my friends don't really appreciate me. Especially because I HATE them all right now! I think this one poem pretty aptly describes how I sometimes feel around one of them, when she just blurts out a totally ramdom sentence about her favorite baseball team or website, and expects me to understand her, which I usually don't like a normal person. She's sort of in her own little DEMENTED world in which she thinks that just because she understands everything everone else does automatically too. Anyway, this wasn't really suppoed to be a rant about my friends. I think the poem is pretty touching, that's the point. : )
I think that this is one of the best poems I ever read in awhile I give this poem 5 thombs up
I really liked this poem. I recently experienced something like this. She still hasn't forgiven me yet. It is basically over a guy too. It started with my other friend and her fighting, then I got tyed into it.
i can relate to this poem. i get sooo sick of friends only being ur friend if the time is convinient. that makes me really frustrated, but i LOVE the poem. u have talent, write some more! Thanx!
This poem describes me and my old "best friend" so much! Whenever things started going good, they just 'turned to dirt', and I was always there for her when she needed me, I always acted happy around her even though I wasn't, and I knew I would never fit in with her again. Sorry for the rant but I just loved your poem. Even though it made me cry. But that's good because it definitely touched me
i thought ur poem was really cool cuz it wuz like exactly how im feeling right now but i jsut couldnt find the words i really liked it!
i don't write poems and its hard 2 put my feelings in2 words but your poem helped me to understand my own feelings about my 'friends'
I love this poem so much because it remind me one time when my friend did me this way. I thought that I was acting in the best manner that I could so another person told me that them ain't no good friends always talking behind your back and stuff. So that is the reason why I love this poem. So tomorrow at school I have this interpertation class and I am going to read this poem where all of my use to be friend of x friends. I hope this poem will change their minds about treating folks the way that they treat foks which is low-down.
I know exactly what this poem means. i am sooo sick of friends being soo nasty to me when i have done nothing but be there for them whenever they need me. Maybe someday i will get the nerve to send this to them. Thanx for the great poem! april
i can't tell you how much your poem means to me. Me and my friend lily were like sisters. untill one day I was tired of her not being there for me like i always am for her. so she just stoped talking to me. i couldnt stop crying. but then i realized i had alot of other friends that cared about me. well,i hope things get better for you!
thats a really good poem i felt that way a while ago but then learned that i still have friends that love me and needed me right then, because i was blocking all my true friends out. So remeber this(theres always others who need you as much as you need your other friend)it took me a while to figure that out but i did and so will others i hope! Always twyla
i give it all of my 100%
I can rlate to ur story some much that is why i like it so much thanks 4 letting me read it!
i liked that it was ok.
HI! This poem really touches me. it reminds me of me and my friend. Well she isnt my friend anymore. Anyways this is a really wonderful poem i read it because me and my class had a homework asignment over christmas break. It was about poems of course. We had to make a book with 20 of our favorite poems and a picture that you have drawn and colored for each. These poems can be made up by you, or copied from someone ele's work. The subject of these poems must be as follow 4 poems about a sport 4 poems about family/family issues 4 poems about school 4 poems about friendship 4 poems about courage. And like I was sayind this poem is very wonderful! Well i got to go so bye love always, Anabella. A. (13yrs)
I really relate to this poem because I know someone whi I really try to be friends with but he keeps pushing me away and just laughing at me behind my back. Its a great poem
I really liked this poem,it touched my heart in a fantastic way considering I am going through a lot right now with the girl I have been best friends with since we were 3 years old! I dont really know what happened between us but I really miss her and thank you so very much for writing this poem it means a lot to me!
I love this poem because, it remids me of one of my best friends. its like no matter what I do it feels like im not good enough to be her friend any more like it feels like she has a new best friend and im not good enough to be hers anymore.
It's soooo true, sumtimes, i feel exactly like that, and it's really well written, I'm so glad i saw it
I like this poem because it contains what hade realy hapened in my life. While reading this poem tears automaticaly started to run from my eyes. I realy appreciate this poet.
I totally relate to this peom. keep up the great work.
I liked it alot it really touched me and made me think alot about my friendships and my life and thats why i am voting for you!
this is really like me and one of my friends i loved it
This poem explains my friendship right now
This was a very moving poem and it really puts a feeling I have been having into perspective. Thanks a lot.
I can sencirly say this poem describes my feelings that i have for a special person to me who thinks im only playing games it's my heart he's hurting
I love this poem. I'm now in this situation, and this poem showed me I'm not alone. There is someone out there feeling the same way. Thanks!
its is so touching and it makes me feel lyk wat me and my friends r going through. thanx
its a lovly poem its just like that with me, i am glad you wrote the poem, i will print it out later and show it to my friend
it really touched my heart hope it touched yours
i love this poem it reminds me of one of my ex besties she used to like me one day then the next she would be backstabbing me. i hated her for it we are only just starting to re build our friendship.
the poem you wrote truley expresses my feelings to towards what i thought was my best friend.
i luv this
This is exactly what i am going through with my friend sara. so ya it really touched me thanx.
Beth Ann
I really liked this. It explains what I am going through with a friend that I will not see next year because she is going to a differenst school.
i love that poem i started to cry when i read it because even though im young i have a best friend and that poem describes exactley how i feel what i do and how she reacts it is a beautifull and touching poem x
this poem is great. i'm going through the same thing with one of "best friends" right now so this poem really means a lot to me.
I hope that everything works out for you.
this poem sounded just like me and my "friend"
this poem is very gud and tells alot about wat im going through myself
it was a great poem and i really liked it
You're sooo right, write more poems!
I loved it it was soooo sweet!
I realy enjoyed this poem it realy made me think about me and my friends and how things r get harder to keep the same and how things r changing
I really liked this poem a lot.
Well i have the same problem but im going though it right now and i dont know what to do.
I like this poem especially the last three lines about being there all the time, trying to be stay happy but it is getting harder. it's so true. sometimes i think that friendship are more treasured by one friend than the other. and it's always hard to realize that. but there is no reason for it either, and that is the hardest part of all.
I thought your poem was great. I had a friend that did that to me too and I know how it feels to be treated that way. I guess some friendships arent ment to be but I thought your poem was awesome and I would give it a five. Great job
This is a great poam because it made me realize that friends aren't always forever and it made me cry because it made me think of how me and y best friend are.
~~* this poem is exactly how i feel and whats going on with my best friend, i never thought she would turn on me all of a sudden. but she did. *~~
I can't believe that a poem could actually touch me. I'm going through the same thing right now but I couldn't find the words to describe it.
hey i thought this poem was really good and also sad. it reminds me of my bestfriend and i(4 right now hopefully things will get better)!
Yes I loved this poem because this just happened to me just resently. My friends are mad at me and I have no clue what I did. I don't understand and I don't fit in anymore. But I could also say that I am making new friends and some of the others that were mad at me are becoming friends with me again and I am fitting in a little bit better.
i like your poem because it reminds me of my friends right now.
hey~ im not sure who will read this but this powm really touched me! i recetly lost my to best freinds N i love to right poems to! i have soo amhy of them! they r all in this special note book i keep!
This describes me and my friend right now. It really made me think about our 'friendship. "
i love this poem so much. i really agree with the message thats being said. it happened to me and to alot of people. sometimes your friend is really not a friend you thought they are.
Me in my best friend are having a really big problem and this poem reminds me of us. I hope that you and your friend make up soon because it really does hurt to lose a good friend.
it's really touching poem. the poem seems like my true story. i have a friend who do not appreciate me as her friend. i felt so sad but i know i can't force her to like me and love as much as i love and taking care of her. everyone should have a friend just like you. may your life happy forever.
This is truely a touching poem that touched my heart and helped me realize how specail my best friends are to me!
THis is a great poem keep it up!
I love this poem. because me and my best friend are in a huge fight right now because Alyssa one of my other friends is trying to ruin my world, by trying to take my boyfriend and my best friend. Your poem explains exactly what i feel and I thank you for writing it.
i like this poems because i have a friend that thinks i can only be her firend and i can't hae a boyfriend without her thinking that i don't want to be here friend and she gets really mad at me
Marie Katty
I love this poem. When I read it automatically an image of a person came to me and tears started to run over my face and I just could stop because everything in the poem describe the relationship now between me and my very best friend, Florise. Before, we use to be like sisters, like twins but now, we're like two strangers sitting across a room and it's really tearing me up inside. We don't talk the same way that we use too. I miss her so much.
i love that poem. i seriously cried through the whole thing bcuz it can realte to me so much with my used to be best friend. i kno how much it hurts.
Very, cute, sweet, and simple. Easy to find
hey i really liked ur PoEm it rOx!. im actually going through that rightnow with my best friend she keeps ignoring me. dont worry you aint the only one. keep on writting. i loved ur poem it was awesome.
it is nice and beautiful its really touching.
Thats a very nice poem. Just recently my friend stabed me in the back by going out with the guy I just broke up with the day before.
i love this poem it is so true and it really realites to what im going thru at school with a few ppl i know who are nice one minute and then nasty. keep up the good work
I really like this poem; it describes exactly what im going thru right now with one of my friends.
my freind and i had a fight too , but she just doesn't get me , i feel better reading this poem !
i can kinda relate to this poem. my friend and i fight all the time and it upsets me alot. thanks for such a good poem.
Cherry [G]
i love your poem. i totally understand how you feel. i used to have this best friend, we did great stuff together. But, one day, she just changed and started sticking to other people. Well. sometimes, we just have to accept it. Stay strong! =)
i am in a big fight with my friend and our friendship is about to end cause over all these lies and all this this stuff about people she still wants to be my friend buti don't know if i can trust her she might just be saying all that she said she is movin to another school i don't know what to do maybe if i send this poem she will understand well i love your poem
I really like this poem becuase even though short, it says everything with out the ramble about a relationship that many have at some point. Sometimes we like to avoid it, but its there with at least one of our aquantinces.
I loved this poem. I am going through the same thing. She just doesn't understand how much its hurting me. One day hopefully she will realize whats going on.
wow. i love that poem. i am having the same problem with my best friend and i try to do everything to fix our friendship and nothing works so im about to give up
I LOVE this poem. i am new to this web site. but this poem is my favorite soo far. its soo tRue. i know how they feel. trust me
ashley, i can totally relate. i've gone through tis same situation my self & sad 2 say dat frindship's over. i just hope your doing alright. hang in there, girl. it'll get better.
I kinda was going through this situation too. My best friend wouldn't talk to me, look at me, nothing. Then one day I just started crying about it and she was there through the whole thing.
i like this poem so much because i can relate to it its so true about my life at the moment
That's a very good poem. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm using this poem for my research project because we have to pick friendship poems from other people with your name beside it.
WOW! That is EXACTLY how I've been feeling about my best friend lately. I just emailed it to him, good job with the poem. Keep writing.
this is a nice poem i gave it to my friends and they loved it thanx for that. thank you
This is a very powerful and impacting poem with a great morale and point. Excellent!
I really relate to this poem. In fact I'm going to give a copy of it to my friend bcuz we a re going throug a difficult time in which she calls me names and well you get the general picture but I just wish she would understand "WHAT I DID" takes a lot of guts to admit I was wrong and that I'm Sorry! But sometimes she just doesn't understand those things.
It is a natural poetry related to every day life, every one in this life looses their friends ,it is a simple poem , i do not have the aesthetic sense of understanding the poetry but i easily understood it and really enjoy it , it reminds me a lot about my child hood. Keep writing , good luck. Thanks
hey hows it going i hope this is the friend i used to knnow who went to Montrose Middle school until she moved away.
That poem is so beautifully written. it reminds me of what's going on in my world of friendship. my best friend and I are always getting into un-expected fights. I feel like my world is falling apart. oh, I'm sorry for babbling on and on about my personal life to you ^_^''' Just wanted to express how much this relates to my life as well
this poem is so true my friend and i are in a lil situation and its hard and this poem just makes me feel im not alone
i really enjoyed this poem. it reminded me of friends i've had in the past, but now i have a best friend that i know is trustworthy and will be there for me through thick and thin, she is like a sister to me and no guys or anything will ever change that, this has been proven because she tells guys shes not going out with them just because she wants to chill with me.
I had saw this poem and i sent it to one of my friends that i am have problems with and when she read this right after she had called me and told me how sorry she was and we are now Best Frieds again! thanks girl!
Me and my best friend split up in yr 8 when we were only 14 now we are 17, and still not talking, this poem is exactly how i felt toward the end of the year 1999.
I am going through this situation right now,my friend got a love pruposal from a guy last year and she got busy with him and does not had time for me as is always the case with a gf . Recently she had a break up with her bf and now she feels very much emotionally down. I worry very much for her,she is very innocent and i cannot see her sad. Now our College is getting over and after 2 months she will go to her home ,she is from another city and i from another. Dont know hen we gonna meet . I wish her best of luck for her life and success.
When I read the first line of this poem I knew it was going to be good. I know I'm not the only one who has felt that way and it's great how you made that poem. Thanks
this poem is awesome this has happend to me before and i dont know why . I miss My x-best friend.
i liked it
I can really relate to this poem. I have a cousin who was born the day before me on the same year. We were cool with each other and then this year he barely talks to me.
i voted for this poem b/c i'm feeling like this w/my best friend rite now and i've written many poems like it and its good to know others have that problem too
OMG I love your poem! It was exactly what I felt with one of my old friends in words! We were the best of friends I helped her when she was going through hard time then she back stabbed me and never talked to me since, I dont know what happened but I love this poem I am gonna print it out and frame it!
Hi Ashley, I can relate to the poem you wrote so much. In my case, a boyfriend broke us apart. It hurts and its hard to deal, but I guess I 'll need to find a way to. Thanks so much!
Well, the explanation on why you wrote this poem, and the poem itself applies to me completely. It's rough. Your poem---thats how I feel too.
i have a friend named sara who is my all time best friend and then she told me that she started to do things like speed to try and help herself. well it didnt help are friendship i love her to death. and this poem is great for the life i am going through. and all the other dayz in the future i hafta look on and know that sara wont be with me.
I love this poem! It describes exactly what I am going through right now! This girl that I was friends with for 6 years, is suddenly ignoring me, and not wanting to hang around with me, and talking about me behind my back :( Great poem!
Ashley your poem is great! I liked that your poem wasn't so long like some others and i am voting on you because right know i am having a hard time trying to keep my bestfriend. keep up the awesome work i hope u win
I was in the same situation with my friend she just didn't understand what I was going through. She just stopped talking to me all of a sudden and I really didn't know why, she said that it was because her mom didn't like me. but now we are BEST friends because through Christ anything is possible.
Oh my gosh this poem is awesome! I have this same problem right now. Its killing me not knowing why my friend is mad at me. Thanx so much 4 this poem!:)
i love this poem its one of the best. can u write a poem about two best friends who want to stay together forever?please?
My friend and I grew close b/c we were going through the same things. Now that's she back w/her boyfriend. I no longer exsist and she is cruel to me w/out caring. It hurts but what can I do?
I really love this poem it is really good keep up the good work!
I liked this poem. it is the turth. at the end a grade 7 i started feeling like everyone was not really my friend and that no one cared and that noone wanted me there. and im starting to think im right. im going through depression thxs for that poem it put whut i feel in to worlds
Ashley, this is a fantastic poem and I can really relate to the situation, don't lose hope, just hang in there!
I'm a cat. Meow
this is a very good poem i am in the situation with my friend i am always there i give her what she doesn't have but still we always fight and she always put me in the wrong spot! i enjoyed ur peom a lot
It seems to happen at least once to everyone.
I just wanna say that this tuesday i got in a fight with my best friend. When i saw this poem. it was like if i was writing it to her. So today i sent it. I liked it a lot. It relates a lot to what happend with me and my friend. I enjoyed reading it!
this is how i feel!
i luved that poem it sounds exactly like how my friends r they treat me so bad and i get so sick of it so sumtimes i jus dont listen to them or make up an excuse y i cant go sum where wit them cuz they alwayz do the same thing the either jus dont pay attention to me or run away from me or 1 time they even pushed me in the marina and if ur wonderin wut the marina is its like a lake thing with docks for boats but no boats r ever there so we walk on the docks and they jus thot it would b funny to push me in im still mad bout it well thats all i gotta say
it is really hard to find true friends,someone to understand you. to the author of this poem, i know someday you'll find a perfect friend, maybe they are just around you. just be your self and goodluck
it is beginin to happen with me an my friends. every thing was fine until this year, in 1 year every thing could change, we are begining to split up and i don't want that to happen. what can i do.
This was a really good poem because it had a lot of truth to it. It reminds me of a similar situation where it felt like my heart was broken into a thousand pieces. Looks like i'm not the only one who has felt that way. Keep writing, i like your style.
This is exactly how I feel. Whenever things get good, something bad happens. And the friends who used to hang out with me comepletely ignore me. This poem gave me support that I'm not the only one going through this.
this poem made me think just how lucky i really am to have such good friends. I know i would be hurt if my friends treated me like dirt. You have done a great poem,well done!
Great poem. It reminds me of a friend Robyn I got into a fight with one time and the friendship never recovered. and I recently found out all she was doing was usin' me. Thanx. You are truly the only one who can express my grief in words. If only she could see the pain she left me with.
yes, i have been through this kind of situration, i thought she is my friend but she didn't care about me now i accepted the fact that she can never be my friend .
I love Ashley's poem. Im going through the same thing with my friend Ashley!Good luck with your friend!
I thought this poem was really lovely, and very true, i'm going thru this at the moent with my mate Diane, though she doesnt know it!
this poem is really good. this is exacly what me and one of my friend is going thru right now.
Hi Ashley, I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your poem, "Friend's don't alway's last. " I know exactly how you feel. It's very good.
This is just howe I feel with my best friend.
This is a really good poem. The things you talked about relate to some things i have been through before. This poem really touched me. To the writer of this poem i would like to say there are better things, and friends ahead of you in life, and dont let this one thing bring you down. Move on with your life and accept the happenings of it. Thanks.
all i can say is this really relates to my friend and i. my best friend is a guy and i'm a girl, i showed this poem to him and he was like,"did you write this poem?" because he thought i wrote a poem about our situation that we were in and him and i were really amazed that other friends could get into this kind of situation that we were in. anyways. i really love your poem.
This peom is so true it happen to me alot of times and I am still trying to work throw them
I loved your poem, I am going though something like this right now, 2 of my best friends, that I have been friends with since grade 2 now hate me, now I am in grade nine, your poem touched me,
i loved that poem so muc h cause that is telling the truth about what is happening with me an my best friend and im happy to hear that there are other going to th same not just me cause I felt weird holdinh my anger in from everybody.
This is great poem. It's sad how some people just don't realize how hard we try to be good friends for them.
This poem is great. Every word said is true!
i loved this poem it reminded me of me and my one friend skyann she was my best friend but this was an awsome poem ill read more poems about you
I like this poem. I happen to be going through a hard time with a friend, that I am seeing the friendship end.
This is a beautiful poem and it reminds me of a friend of mine that we just can't make the friendship work
your poems are very touching and they do have meanings. so if i need poem, i keep on looking for you
this was a great poem that makes u think
I use to have a really good friend named Ashley but know i'm sorry she is no longer my friend! She has really hurt my heart for what she has done!
Ashley's poem was really really good. It got me thinking of a former friend that used to always treat me like trash until I got so sick of it I blow in her face.
I have gone through this so many times so I know what you are going through. It is very hard to think that your best friend could do something so mean to you. I hope that everything will work out with you and your friend. Stay strong.
Sounds exactly like my friend andrea and I. We are far from friends now. Sad to say
This was a great poem it reminded me of my former friend Amanda who I'm sorry to say is no longer my friend.
This poem is really good. It describes what my friend and I are going throught right now! Keep up the good work!
It was wonderful.
Your poem is awesome. I'm dealing with the same situation right now and I want to send your poem to her. It sucks when friends fall apart.
that ws so good! keep up the good have talent!
great poem i just hope it dosen't happen 2 me
I really liked this poem. i have recently experienced this situation with some one i have been best friends with for a long time.
I know exactly how you feel it is happenning to me too
this is EXSACTLY whats happeneing to hurts i know what u are going thro
I really liked this poem. It reminds me of so many people and so much stuff. I truely respect this poem and i hope everything works out for you the best!
i wuz very touched by dis poem.*sighz* im sorry bout wot's happenin'
I really like this poem because it definitely relate to it. Just the other day, my friendship ended with my best friend
This poem is sooooo true. my 'friend' and i have the exact same situation! Now i know im not the only one!THANXZ!
Wow! I relate to this in sooo many ways. My friends be backstabbers soooo many times. I just wish I could have a true friend.
A very true poem. It really relates to me, I know how you're feeling, I'm having the exactly same problem right now, you've done a great job!
I think this poem is great. This can happen to anyone you just have to be strong and hope everything turns out right.
I loved your poem, it shows exactly what I am going through right now with one of my "frends" I have been looking for a poem that suits her and this is the one. Thanks, it also helped me realize that I wasn't alone.
This is such a wonderful poem. It is very thouching!
I am going through this exact thing, my clan dumped me with out pretty much telling me. and i have to stay happy for the sake of others and them.
Hello Ashley, This peom really touched my heart. It showed me that I am not the only one who doesn't know what they did wrong. I lost my best friend for reasons unknown to me til this day. I hope against hope that one day that my ex-best friend and me will one day will be friends again. I hope the same for you.
I would just like to say that this poem has inspired me so much because I have just lost my 3best friends. It has helped me to realize.That there are more "nicer" people then then and I dont need them!
' love this poem!simple but meaningful
its a great poem
This poem is so real, cause I had to make the same experience. I thought it was my very best friend, but I guess it wan`t true friendship. I`m glad she let me go and didn`t wanna be my friend, so I was able to find my very best friend. I would be nothing without her. I guess it wasn`t meant to be, not for me and not for you. You will find true friendship,too. Just wait and be happy. I wish you all the best !
it realates to real life problems.
i understand wut u are goin through becuz my friend is doin the same thing to me....just remember that u aren't alone in this world and they are true friends out there. Luv *JENNA*
That is a good poem because it reminds me of a friend I lost that i really loved
It's very nice because i have that sometimes in life. amy
Very true.. i am having a similar experience right now and this poem is very appropriate to my feelings now... thanks ashley !! i think its a great poem !
Loved your poem Ashley! :) Lindsey
This is a great poem ..I swear WHEN i READ IT tHAT I was reading about myself...I can really relate to this situation and I am glad someone was able to put it in words
This was a good pome.
I think that this poem is a really good one because it happens to everyone and you can sort of learn from it.
very true!
I feel this way to about a close friend of mine.
i liked it cause it shows the wanting and waiting period of friends an how much they need each other.