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Forgive Me by John O.

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I think this poem exactly expresses the crossing over the line of friendship into the world of feelings and passions
It was really good it touched me thanks
i really like this poem cause it reminds me of me
i can really relate to it because one of my best friends always gets mad at me and i wish she doesnt but i can never help it
this poem tells about one persons mistake and how cruel the world can be
you did a wondeful job on this poem congrats to you hope to read some of your other poems. i felt like i was litening to your feelings good job.
Its a great Poem it made me think of my ex b/f and its a really great poem.
wow! ican search deep enough to describe what and how i feel when i reead this poem!brilliant!excellent! i just love it! give me more! wonderful! tremendous!well done!
I think that ur poem was so sweet it reminded me of my boyfriend when he cheated on me and wrote me a sorry poem. Keep it up and remember youll find that special someone.
you rpoem was really cool and it was real and i loved it but sometimes its not all of the time the guys fault you dig???? sometimes the girl dont feel the same about you and she is scared or sometimes she just dont want to hurt anyones feelings but your poem really touched me and it is great how you expressed yourself
This poem aptly discribed my feelings. I have a broaken relation with my most special friend. Very touchy and nice. Hope my friend/lover understands this.
That was really good and that was good and deep i feel that way for a friend close to me and im glad that some one can say that
this poem is such a great poem.
i must say this poem makes a lot of sence to me. and i hope to see more on here. awsome job!
This poem is so deeply and emotionally touching in my heart!I've had so many arguments with friends and its not even funny,but thus poem really touched my heart!~~~!~~~ sincerely, [deeply touched]
i love this poem. it reminds me of all my good friends i left in florida and the two of my best friends. Dana and zullyann. i love u guys and dedicate this poem to all of yall. te amo gisselle
Brittany (708)
this poems is really good. Im goign through the same thing
that is a great poem. it had to be hard to come up with but it was awesome
i really love this poem it reminds me of exactly how i feel about my x best friend Duane.
Your poem hit me really hard, for I too have made such a mistake. I hope things turn out alright.
I think this poem is fab for someone who has lost a friend it is the best poem i have yet read keep it up m8 this poem is gr8 well done bye bye
I never vote but this poem touched me so much i started to cry this poem describes exactly what my heart could not say thanks
i like this poem. i can relate to it because i told on of my best guy friends that i liked him and i crossed a line in our relationship. keep on writing your great at it!
hey my name ia ashley and i just wanted to say that i write poems 2 and i just loved yours and if this is something you want to do for your furture ,well you could really do it.
you never know what someone really truly means until there gone
i like the poem very much . it has alot of true statements in it and it is very inspirational.
I really liked this poem because it perfectly the way i that i feel for a friend of mines.
i loved that poem if i could rate it on a scale 1-10 i would give u a 10+. i really liked it and i think u should keep writting poems and putting them on here? good job and keep your head up?
that was a really good poem you need to keep writen cause thats good for you
i like the pome
I love your poem it somewhat reminds me of my love that was my friend. until one day he became so untrueful and hurtful that i have no words to describe it. i wish i could write great poems like you people here.
I got a lot of sense of feeling out of this poem. I definitly relate. I like it.
It was a great poem.
hello. omg i totally loved ur poem. It was beauiful. It was exactly wat has happened to me in the past. and yet i still find myself hoping he never left me. Im deeply moved by this poem. good to know someone else feels like that. thanks it was very enjoyable. bye!
I really like your poem, but mine is nothing like yours i wish it was. Hahahahaha i really like it. i am crying yet i am laughing because it is sad but it is funny that i thought i could write a poem like yours
this is a poem that i can relate to.
you are right there are so many guys who do the exact same thing. all you need is for your friend to forgive and forget tell her it is ot that hard people do it all the time. your poem was awsome it is great that you can put your feelings into poetry. keep up the good work.
Really more thankful of this site, I loves some one lady who lives in US, its thousand miles far away from me. Now she becomes feeling more boar from mine, it makes me more bits in my heart, So I wanna seaching about LDR poems. I have found your sites. I wish more preety as ever (site) Thank you
I know the feeling i'm going through the same thing right now with one of my guy friends
not to long a go i lost my best friend. because of a long fight we had for about three or four days and it made me cry why i was at school.
That was really nice. Being normal friends with a guy isn't easy, at least to me. When he decided 2 leave me. . i felt so heartbroken . .
A poem tragic and atute proportions. Such love bring bliss and contentment. But when one has to leave it behind, it robs him of all the love he habored in his heart and his love for another will never be the same.
i read ur poem adn i was almost in the same place when u r friends with sumone but yet u want to be more. well it was great it made me think. adn the next thing i knew i had a tear streaming down my face. ur are a really good writer. i hope u have more like this one!bye
i know its a hrad feeling if u loose someone ,its not an easy feelingi went through this but 2 bad
Hey this poem is great! my bestfriend and i had fell in love, but then i broke it off with him cause i just felt way to weird about dating my bestfriend! This poem really reminds me of something he would say!
it is a great poem. it fits me very much. i'm experiencin this. well i guess only pple who hav this experience will b touch by it. thanx u 4 this poem. well done. i hoped that him will heard this smwhere out there.
is a great poem. good job!
this poem when i read it really hit close to home, i too have opened my heart to my close friend and only to have it denied. thank you for showing me that i am not the only one out there, i just pray that no one else will go through what we have suffered. thank you.
your poem is beautiful as I read it I began to cry it clearly say's what I was feeling for my friend/lover after are parting as lovers hopefully there may be room for forgivness.
you poem was soooo fine. Know the feeling!
I loved your poems. I also fell in love with my best friend and when i told him he walked awy from me so i understand exactly how you are felling and feel so sorry for you.
I really care about my best friend. At times, I wish we were more, others I really don't know. I'm afraid of making it more and ruining the special things we have. I really enjoyed this poem, it lives through my fear, making me think deeper. Great work!
I really enjoyed reading this poem, as your telling your real emotions and that's the way I feel right now, but not because I wanted more, but because I did something wrong in her eyes but not mine
I love this poem because I really messed up when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and now I can't get him back I really miss him he was so sweet but I guess it is for the best.
I like to get on these sights to see all the talent thats out in the world this is the best poem I have read in a while who ever wrote this (John) keep it up Ill keep look'n for your poems! Keep it Real!
Thanks alot. I have an ex boyfriend who sent this to me and it reaaly made him thimk about what he has done. See,he got his ex girlfriend pregnant and didnt find out till she was like 6 months pregnant. They broke up 5 months ago, and me and him have been dating for 3 months. Even though we aint going out anymore, he stills finds ways to tell me how much he cares for me.And this poem really hit the spot. Keep up the poetry and I hope to hear more of it.
Hey i really liked your poem because i have been there so i know where ur coming from.
This poem is describing everything I've wanted to say to a person who is very dear to me. Keep writing poems like this to help heal the hearts of the broken. I hope I will one day have the courage to send your poem to hime to describe exactly what I feel!
a very good friend of mine and i had crossed the line btw friendship and love but now, we are back to square 1 again. your poem really told me how he felt.made me regret what i had done to him..
i think everyone can relate to this poem in some stage of there life.
When i started reading this poem it just reminded me of my good friend Mike and how much i love him, and now it makes me rethink about crossing from friendship to love, it might be a mistake but if you can't risk love over friendship than what can you risk love for? It's just one of those things. The poem was great, keep them coming.
This poem is great and the way you expressed your sealf is very nice.
I love this poem.
i think this poem is very good. This poem is going in my poetry binder on net
It was a great poem all I can say really is keep up the good work.
I know how you feel. I loved your poem
I am a very picky poem reader, it has to keep my attention and fit into my life in some sort of way. I really liked this one..short but, with enough said.unlike some that keep expressing the same feelings over and over.
it was a great poem..
your poem was exelent sorry i cant spell. lol but i loved your poem. please continue to write poems i really enjoy them.