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End Of Innocence by Christina Montano

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I think that this is the trues words ever spoken.
I absolutley loved this poem. It is very heart felt and as a poet myself I give this poem as many positive comments as I can give.
lil italian
i luvd this poem. its so true for me, it happened to me last year. keep writin suff lyk this! it lets ppl no they're not alone thanx! good job!
I really understood what this poem was saying and it really touched me in my brain because i kept me thinking and i think it changed the way i think now.
this poem is really good and it reflects teens life today
Often, people will feel like they have no one to turn to in this place. But we have to keep looking for true friends. I am sorry that you feel that way. I guess now you have mutured and understand things better. But I just want to write that I also felt like this but I didnt turn myself away from the world. Thanks for your wonderful poem -cristy
this poem exactly happened to me too! wat did u do wen everything fell apart tho?
I love this poem. it reminds me when i lost my best friend and well you know the rest, my world crumbled and everybody just kinda left me
This poem was really insirpational it is talking about EXACTLY what im goig through
Dang this is a really touching poem. It really can grab a persons attention.
i think this was an awesome poem so true about life.
I would like to thank the author of this amazing poem! most people dont really understand how hard life can be and how alone teenagers can feel, and the author completely captured this. It was so exact. I truly comected with the words and the message.
You are great!
good job this poem moved me
good job
When reading this I usually dont vote, but i like this poem. It shows that not everyone in the world is perfect and that not everyone can be trusted.
I just LOVE ur poem. u have a great gift for writing. Keep up the good work.
The poem is great, I am in 8th grade and at this time you can't really trust anyone thats why we should put our trust in Jesus. Or we could fight the battles of friendship just to be critizised.
this was a beautiful poem
Myka Lynn
Thank you so much for writing this poem. Poetry is my only way of escaping this cruel world that we live in too. I had (*have*) the same problem. I lost my friends to betrayal and careless acts. It helps to know that there IS someone out there who knows how I feel. I loved your poem very much, and you're an awesome writer. Keep it up. Oh yeah. and THANK YOU!
I loved your poem! Out of all the ones i read yours hit my heart because i too, am dealing with the lose of friends who said "they would always be there" but they aren't and don't care unless you can help them in some way such as getting them beer or keeping them from looking to killing themselves but when you are down and can't get back up the only one there for in the darkest hours is yourself and god. I have been in so much turmoil for months with my grandfather dealing with cancer, losing one of my best guy firends ever because lies told to my now ex-boyfriend , and not having anyone that truely cares. i really know what you mean when you write about crying and crying to yourself at night.
I was touched by this poem. I lost my best friend over something stupid with her parents, but i was lucky enough to get her back. I would be lost with out her. This poem brought tears to my eyes as i read. It is a masterpiece.
I love this poem! even though its kinda short it explains alot. sounds like you really mean it too. very emotional to me. good job!
The world offers a false peace and fantasy but the only one you can really have peace with is God! God will always be there for you, you can trust and confide in him and when everythyings going down around you he'll be there to lift up your head and tell you he loves you!
this poem explains me more than any other i can think of. thank you for writeinf this.
I loved this poem. It reminds me so much of my life and how I feel every moment of my life.
this is the best peom. i wish i had the talent to be a writer like that! but i really enjoyed reading it and usually i hate to read! thanks
Sounds like something I went through. I can relate. damn
I think that your poem is really great. keep up the great work.
this poem is very VERY deep.
I think this poem is very touching and very right at the same time,because that is the way i felt when I no longer was an innocent child! and i was shocked to find out that most of the people are bad and only think of their selves and I really like it!
Wow, that is such a sad poem. Well done with it.
i love this poem! this happened to me not to long ago.
I really liked your poem because I went though the samething. I thought people that said they were there for me would be there well they werent. It is girls that I cant trust anymore they hurt me to much. Thats why I have more guy friend then anyone in my school. so I vote for u.
tis poem ids exellent! and i loved it it is soo true. and applies to me in so many ways.
i think this poem is pretty decent.
i loved the poem
i think your poem rocked. And speeks the truth. I write to. But just not publicly
this poem is so true for me it just happned to me like 3 days ago!
This is a really good poem, I think it's very deep and u can see the emotion u put into it. Keep up the good work!
I love this poem it fits in with my life perfect thanks for writing it you did a great job!
I used to be in a wonderful group of friends. Then all of a sudden it fell apart on me. All of them were talking but nobody said a word to me until it was over. This poem is exactly how I felt. I love it! And keep writing stuff like this. It makes people feel as if they are not the only ones hurting!
I just read your poem and its say's the exact things I'm going through. It is nice to know someone understands. I thank you a lot.
i like that peom because a lot of people seem to loose friends over one person lies and it's very hard to try and trust another person and to call them your best friend again
This poem is very good! it shows everything, all your fellings put into words. it really shows people. what you've been through how you feel.
This poem is really good, emotional, but i guess thats what inspires me. I can really relate to this poem, Im sorry that you had to loose trust, Good luck in the future. x
that poem is so true it sayes everything im going through and everything i feel
Super FLY
it explains everything i am going through. im so inspired!
This poem meant more to me than you could ever know. It was as if you could see parts of my life and you wrote this poem for me. You may have had that period of "growing up" for only a few months but for me its been about a year in a half.
wow! this is a GREAT poem. it definitely made my think of a past experience. my trust of my friends and boyfriends is very slim and im so sensative with trust. thanks soo much for sharing this poem! it was so true and really well-written!
I found this peom so-o self appealing. GREAT JOB!
I really loved your poem. It sounded like a girl that i was reading about in a novel called Winter by John Marsden. Keep on writing that was great!
juz powerful.
you go girl. i loved this poem. i can relate- not to the exact situation- but the trust being broken. it hurts. this explains very well the raw emotion of it
very sweet poem. i think we all went through a stage like that. i sure know i did!
i think ur poem is awesome! im so glad i came across it becauseim goin through the same thing right now! i was living in a dream world and allof a sudden my friends betrayed me and so many lies and lost friends i dont know who i can trust and who is my real friends~thank you
this is a really good poem
Wow, very powerful and so true
This poem is really good. That happened to me too I lost my friends but along them I also lost the love of my life. That happened a year ago and I still can forget what happened I never felt so betray and so lost. Im also like you I write poems to escape from what Im feeling or I just do it to get out that anger I have inside me keep up with your poems
This is like the perfect and I do mean perfect poem. I too lost my two bestest friends in the whole world. A lot of people went for their side and I was left a loner. Itsaw then who my friends were. It's exactly like your poem. Have you gotten over it? Have you been able to trust again?
That poem is awesome! This girl def. has talent in writing poetry!
this poem illistrates exactly how i feel, for me it was like someone what displaying my inner most feeling that no one has ever known.
This poem is so true and i beieve i am the one you are talking abouut my bestfriend lied to me ( not no simple lie) i have had an hard time trusting anyone even my own brother
It was a lovely poem, i almost cryed because it made me think of how unsure life is.
This poem shows real, raw emotion. Not many poets can capture that with words.This is a very good poem.
Christina.Its an awesome poem
i rellay liked it!it is totally the perfect poem
I was deeply moved my your is absolutly magnificent. Well done!
hey, this is a really good poem.i can truley understand this poem b'coz im going through the same sort of thing. it'z a great way of expressing ur emotions!
This poem touched home for me.It tells how i really feel.
Yeah I just wanted to say that this poem was excellent in every way. I've written many lyrics about this sort of stuff but I could never really find how to express it as well as you did. I too, lived in a dreamworld and thought if i stayed strong, nothing could get to me. But eventually it catches up with you. If your still feeling this way, all u need is some confidence and reflection on past times. Once you learn who you are, and what you got to do, you'll be alright.
I really enjoy this poem, and think that every teen goes through this at one point in there life. So everyone can relate.
THIS POEMS IS SO GOOD! I AGREE SO MUCH W/ IT, IT'S HOW I FEEL! If people don't like you for who you are then they obviously arn't to good of a friend!
i loved this poem! i can really relate to it
very good, nice alliteration, nice amount of rhyme, and best of all, its in a sense true.
this poem is very good!Sometimes you have to cry and cry to let out all the pain you go through.
awesome poem it shows real life
i totaly agree with this poem because i felt that way for a long time i would sit in my room and cry and cry and i was all alone.
i like this poem it make me think about all the things i have kept for my best friend!
this poem is about a realistic thing, that happens to everyone at some time in their life. and i personally can relate to it, because i have just been through a very similar experience myself but my friends were there to catch my back. i am thankful that i have friends that i can count on. hopefully i won't lose the trust that christina lost and hopefully i won't feel betrayed.
i want to thank this poet b/c i messed up big time with my mom i thought i would loose her trust i didnt know what to say to her,or tell her how much regret i felt.then i found this poem on the internet and my heart sighed that was exactly how i felt about my life so i kept it on the computer and told her to read it when she got home.she did and b/c of this she didnt yell or cry to me she just said we'd talk about it all in the morning and that she knows how i feel.but as long as im sorry for my actions ,which i am,she wouldn't punish me as harsch as what she would have.all this misunderstanding my mother and i that has never really been resolved was b/c of a small poem with few words that described my thoughts to a T. thank you
This poet is just the way I feel about everything at the moment.
nice poem y do i vote for ir? Beause the same thing happend whith my best friend
your poem was great. It had alot of meaning and it was very sad. People these days have to relize that life aint easy and there is always down falls and your poem shows that.
i though it was a great and nice poem. it showed great interegy. thanks . email me some time if ya want thanks bye bye
It's a good poem that flows well. Good points and good alliteration
Christina, I LOVED your poem. I totally understood what u meant because the same thing happened to me. I was looking for a poem that could describe how i felt and yours did a great job of it. Keep up the good work!
I cried when i read this poem.. it is so true.EVeryone should vote for this poem, because everyone goes through this part of their life.
I loved your poem. maybe because it applys to me so much well bye :)
I can really relate to everything you say in this poem. IT reminds me of some poems that I have wrote.
VERY GOOD! I really like it. So sad yet the real truth
I really enjoyed this poem.It really made me think and realize the troubles that i've gone threw and within time overcome them.
This poem makes me think about all the lies my friends keep in themselves and how it can hurt people.
Wow! I read that and it struck me hard it was deeper than it appears. Very well done Christina :)
i think that this is very true and if Christinia reads this i think you should know your a very good writer and his is a good poem