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Angel In Disguise by Jcp

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This poem is very beautiful! It really brings out what a true friendship should be to everyone. JCP you have done a wonderful justice to friendship thank you
This is a very beautiful poem,and i think the person who wrote it has a very warm heart!thankyou
You speak from within the soul!
hey i loved that poem keep up the good work
You maneged to sum up exactly what my true but distant friend means to me, in a manner that so accurately describes her nature. Great
Great poem but I didn't understand it! JUst kidding its excellent
This touched my hear and said for me what I wanted to say.
After reading this poem, I bursted out into tears. The words you used and just the way you used them sunk in my heart. This poem is completely spoken for. I have never been so out spoken in my time of enjoying other's poetry and writing it as well. Job well done!
good one.