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Mixed Emotions by Jamie Nelson

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your poem relates so much to me i think your poem is the best i hva ever read please reply and send more poems you have written bravo bravo!
this was a kick but poem it really was touching and i liked it alot
I vote best poem of the year!
i know how you feel i used to like this boy we both flirt alot but i found out that he doesn't feel that way about me
This poem is great. I should send my poems on here.
I think it's great because I'm going threw the same thing.
This was a verry nice poem, there is this girl at my school who im experiencing this with.
I vote this poem a 10. I really like it.
i really like this poem. i think it shows your inner emotions for this particular person. if this has happened to you keep your head and think positive. you may have another chance with this person. poetry seems to be your way out of things. that's okay though. i really love to write poetry. i'm just a little shy about my poetry. i wanted to sign up with this web site but i don't know how to actually. well, keep doing what you are doing it might have a more positive outcome.
I love your poem! It's very realistic and You are an awesome poetry writer.
it totally reminded me of my boyfriend and i
omg thats like totally how i feel about my brothers friend lol that sounds kinda weird cuz hes my brothers friend but that poem is awesome n its exactly how i feel
I would rate this a 10. Thats how I feel with my boyfriend. You are a good poet. I am a poet as well but not as good. Keep up the good work that was really great!
This is a nice and passionate poem i give it the rating of 10
i loved this poem it describes the way i feel about this guy that lives far away but we talk every night i talk to his mom and his sister even when he's not around. i love him so much he says he loves me too but sometimes i don't know.
this poem is so great. i can really realte to i with the guy i like. god bless you for this awesome talent you have of writing!
this poem is so good. i could really realte to it and it was very, very well written.
i loved the fact that you wrote it for teenage years. it's a very emotional poem. my friend said she read it to her boyfriend & he proposed to her the next day. it's a very romantic poem & i say you will win.
this peom iz ace i feel like that to my boyfriend i love im soooooooooooooo much! please write more poems like this it is so gud
Yin Yin
This poem really portrays my own personal feelings about age and love. Even though the contents are simply and easy to understand, it gives the reader that's been through the same thing a strong relation. Amazing work~
That poem really touch me cause in your poem you capture how i felt about my ex- boyfriend and still feel.
it was wounderful the way you feel is the way i feel about this boy in my life
I am 14 going on 15 and this poem took something from inside me and told me to keep going. I am in love. And O what a wonderful feeling. But latey things have been a bit shakey he told me it was over. I saw him a couple weeks later and he looked at me and told me he had made a mistake and that i was his everything. I plan on sharing my life with this guy and every word of this poem made me realize that this WILL be forever. Thank you very much for your inspiriation. Sincerly yours, Laura
your poem ROCKED!Thanks i loved it!
This was a very sad and touching poem. My cingrats to the author!
that was awesome i am a writer as well thank you for your precious time i am sure you need to write an excellent poem so i will leave you to your great art of the word. good luck
i loved this poem it really touched me and helped me explain my feelings to my boyfriend. and it made me cry. i love it
i almost started to cry. very tuching. thank you
I really enjoyed that writing. It was deep and reminded me of my relationship with my Eric. There's so many emotions in relationships. You captured them really well.
Yeah i would just like to say that that poem really touched me and it relates to how i feel about a boy i know so i just wanted to say that and this poem is real good!
wow, your poem is extremely deep. the first one that I have come across that actually made me "feel", your poetry is heart-felt and mature.
I loved this poem. Probably because I am in the same situation currently and I am amazed at how well that was worded.
This poem is sooo good, and I think it explaines a lot of emotions that people feel, and can give to someone if they don't know exactly what to say! I enjoyed it, and I'm glad you wrote it! Jenni
i get the little boy thing and i understand poetry what was that about but it was cute
This poem was great. i really liked it. i love poetry.
hey i thought taht mixed emotions was a great poem and i could really relate to it being a teenager myself keep up the good work!
i liked your poem it reminds me of myself but i know it must be hard but trust me you dont need a man like that there is more fish in the ocean
I thought that this was an awesome poem. I can relate very closely to the situation, because that is how I feel right now with this guy at my school
I thought that this poem was good because for the longest time I thought that the guy I loved didn't love me back but I found out later on that he does love me and we are getting married when I get out of High School.
All i can say was the i was reluctant to read this because it seemed all to real to me. I loved it, it explained so many things i could never put into words, i've written poems that explained how i felt but in a different relm kind of genre and this definitly explained it directly.
This is Exactly how I feel about this boy at my skool. I was a great poem!
i loved the poem! i can realate with it soo much! i admire you for being able to write your feelings down like that and so beautifully! Keep up the awesome work!
I love this poem! It's exactly how I feel right now!
it is a beautifull poem and it reminds me of what am going thrue.
that's so sweet. i miss those days. unfortunately they don't last forever. enjoy them while you can dear. the memories will last forever, though the pain will not
Hey there everyone, I did like this poem quite a bit.
i really liked it because i have felt that way before and that i am a pomeit my self and your expressing was really good.
I thought it was really sweet. I feel the same toward my boyfriend! keep up the good work.
I think this poem is absolutely excellent. It reminds me of me and my boyfriend. I really would like to use your poem for my poetry anthology.
I thought the poem was very touching, and I just loved it. I just wrote a poem about Mixed Emtions and it was kind of similar to this poem. But I really thought it was good.
I Love your poem it reminds me of my first love who i try very much to keep in my life email me if you have any more like this or just to talk about it
I really enjoyed reading this poem. It relates to my boyfriend and I because we faced many challenges before we got together, age being a factor. But he's great and he definetly makes me smile. Thanks
Jamie, I really like the internal struggle that you convey through your poem. Even though most of us have had the same doubts, you remind the reader about the beauty of being able to love somebody, regardless of the fear that goes a long with it.
Wow this is really great. I know its been a few years since this was posted, but I am going through the exact same thing right now. Wow.
i love 'em
I think your poem is so great because I could really relate to it.
Ashley Bianca
This poem is amazing. you're an awesome writer. This explains how I pretty much feel. I like to express myself a lot in writing. Soemtimes poetry works for me. I write in a notebook with my teacher and we respond to each other. I always tell her what I'm thinking and she always helps me if I need it. Once in awhile talking works for me but mostly it's writing. It looks loike writing is your thing too. Keep it up. you have something good going!
i love that poem i can realy see it happening. Well really it is happining to me right now. i love how you just can put what i fell and think into a poem that will touch many peoples hearts.
This poem is really good. You are a great writter, you should keep on diong it. It shoes alot of emotion and alot of feelings.
This poem is by far a masterpiece it is perfect and i can relate to it completely because i am in a situation like this right now. You are a true artist! PLEASE continue to produce more beauty for a world full of lonliness.
It is the most beutiful poem i have ever read you have have a very good tellent i hope u can write more
i love ur poem. and its so weird how the girl in the poem is going throught the exact thing i am. its like u took my thoughts and wrote them down. you have a great writing talent.
wow I say I cryed on this one I felt the emotions that this poem had I am having problems with relationships and it hurts so bad but I really like this poem
wow this poem decribes exactly what i feel about this guy that im so in like with. when we're together its like we have so much chemistry. but when we're apart, i feel like i have alot of doubts. i have no clue what he's thinking except that he wants to kiss me everytime he see's me,well thanx for your poem, it made me feel like their are people out there who go through the same things as me,even though sometimes we dont believe it, thanx alot.
it was a really sweet poem. it expressed alot of emotions!
You are a very talented writer. keep it up. I can relate to that poem very much. Iam going thru it right now. It's horrible. But don't stop writting you have a very strong talent for writing!
Well, this poem is a true inspiration to me. mainly because i can relate and i find it interesting that someone that i dont even know can write the story of my relationship and my feelings. thankyou jamie nelson for writing this poem and i will be posting copys up for grabs at my store!
Oh my God. That is a great poem. I can really relate to it. Its exactly like me and this boy named Naoh. I love him but the question is, does he love me? But i absolutely love your poem. I love to write poetry and I am having a poem of mine published and I'm only 13. Keep up the good work. i know you can go some where with your poems cause they're great!
This poem completely described everything I am going through right now. I fell in love with someone three years younger than myself and, even though I still care for him, it doesn't seem he's ready for anything so big. Thank you. It really hit home.
Many nights I've asked if my pouring of love is matched. The forest of emotions of uncertainty is hard to untangle. thank you for a poem that speaks about living for living and enjoying the moment.
This poem was so true. It was exactly what happened to me about 5 days ago. Everything, to the last detail was the same as what happened to me. This poem is great in letting teens know they're not alone.
WOW, I dont know what to say. You are very gifted. You could like feel what the girl felt. Keep writing!
Wow, you are a really good writer. I can relate to it very much and I am giving a copy to my boyfriend. Keep on writing, you do a great job.
I loved the poem.mainly because it reminds me so much of myself.rigth now I'm sorta in between 2 relationships.what I mean is that I'm talking to two different people, one from my school and one from a different school. I just wanted to let you know that you are a very talented woman.
this poem was so good! ive been looking for a poem that i can really relate to and that says everything i feel and this is it! thanx for helping me find it!
You are a very talented person. This poem was full of so much emotion and love. I also write poems and i would have to say that you really have a gift of putting your fealings into words and sharing your thoughts with others so that maybe they will know that they are not alone. I give this peom a 10!
i can completely relate, all except for the summertime thing. mine was a fall experience. but i fell for a "little boy" with "shallow emotions" who didn't understand the depth of what i was offering him. and in the end
Wow! this poem is to much for anyone to imagine that haven't experienced this type of feeling so much feeling power. I love it ! keep on loving
its "real"
Amazing poem! It describes exactly what i'm feeling in my current relationship! It touched me like no other poem has! Keep up the good work:)
this is exactly the situation i was in a week ago before my bf, two years younger than me. and not ready for the depth and passion of a relationship, broke up with me. this is the PERFECT poem
The poems is great! It says all that I felt when I was in that situation. I like it!
I like this poem fits me in so many ways.that it is unreal. to who ever wrote this made me think about alot of things. thank you so much!
I like this poem my friend that I really like says he feels this way about me, he says he loves me but he is nervous, he says I am so special to him, he does not want to hurt me
I think this is so true. I have feelings for a guy who is younger then me and it is so hard to tell if he really likes me or if he just likes to flirt.
it is a really beautiful poem, i didn't believe a teenager could writing something so sincere and wonderful
I really do love this peom it answered alot of questions that I had. So thanks for writing this to help other people with struggles. May God bless you with all he has because I do apprechiate this. THANK YOU!
Great poem...i loved made me remember my ex..and it made me sad and happy at the same time
I loved this poem. It perfectly explained my feelings about the guy i was with this summer. I feel like I could have written it myself. Well done.
if you change all the parts that say boy to girl, this poem is about me.
I love this poem it was written very good. It said everything I couldnt explain for myself.
Very Very Good! I LOVED it! It expresses what i am feeling now.. thanks.. i think i am going to have to show this one to MY summer love
I loved it! I know this is how felt before i found my love thanks. You are truly talented
kat are a fantastic writer, how could you even think of that? it made me cry to think of love.WOW, really, ima speechless.
i was cought by your words. that was an increable poem. i am a writer to and i can honestly respect your ability to write so good
I think this poem is beautiful. It really gets right to the point. I also think it is one of the best teen poems I have ever read. I give it a 10.
it i s sweetpoem that i couldn't dill with
jamie this poem was awesome,it reminds me of all my mixed emotions your a true writter
It's a realy cute poem I loved it.
I truely admire this piece of poem. It show a great writter of style and enegy. The writter forcus on the matter of the subject from begining to end. Indeed this it is a wonderful poem. Job well done!
i need to thank you - for giving me a way to express the way I feel towards my bloke - its just fantastic - im amazed
really good i have the same thing happen to me with a guy but now were just friends
Oh my gosh! If I could write like that
Mixed emotions is a truly remarkable poem, that is touching and emotional in every way. I think it is a poem that could help many other teens deal with or at least know that they are not the only one who has or is having mixed emotions. I think it is a poem that people of all ages can relate to at one time or another. A splendid masterpiece!
this poem reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. he has me feeling mixed emotions. but i know that he is the one for me we fit like "puzzle peices" i love him, he loves me. but we aren't together, how confusing is that. good poem. thanx.
This poem really did touch me. It showed exactly what emotions I am going through. I hope you keep up with your excellent writing of poetry. Your words can really touch a person's life, I know it did mines.
Its the real thing. It really happens.
It an inspiring poem and made almost me cry
this is a great poem. i'm almost sure everyone can relate!
i love your poem . it seems so true inside on how i feel and people around me. its reality
this is the best teen poem i have ever read. it tells the truth about our feelings.
sweet =)
I loved this poem alot! Im in the same sort of situation with my boyfriend. And when i read this poem it totally described the feelings i was feeling and it made me alittle cheeryer to tell you the truth. but i liked this poem the best out of all i have read so far tonight. If i were to rate this poem from 1 to 10 i would have to give it a 20!!! (by the waqy i am 15.)
i really like your poem because it reminds me of my boyfriend that i really love but i'm not sure if he loves me too but you really did a good job on that i wish i could write a pome like that.
Only one word : fantastic
i like the poem it was full of emotions and i like that.
This is one oof the best poems i've ever read. This thing is happening to me right know so it hits close to home.
I think this is a wonderful poem. It has so much inner meaning.
Your poem is so true and loving but you still manage to make me laugh and cry at the same time it takes a great poet to write that kind of poem
Gosh.what a beatiful poem. I been feeling something similar to this. And I haven't still figured out the answer yet. But i am glad to know that someone else is feeling the same way. Great job.
I really loved this poem it is so sweet and I feel the same way about my friend Brent.
I think the poem is fantastic, eventhough i can't really recall my self in a position like that. this poem touched my heart it mase me felt that love is out there and if a person can write the effects of mixed emotions and it sounded so wonderful then i am sure love exists and it is out there some where. i used to think love was only a fantasy but now i know it is out there some where. the poem was very beautiful it is a perfect peoem for valentines day
I like it.
Very good Poem. It should be #1 Forever