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Peace Of Mind by Dave

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you did a really good job on your poem and you made me feel better tonight thank you and keep writing your peoms
THIS IS HOW WE FEEL! thanks, but maybe im just too sad to realize that other ppl are with me
hi my name is monica davies i have read this poem and i love it i love all poems so i can get to see wat people feel when they wright it is a great way to see how the diffrent perspectives of people come put in to the world that is why i want to put out my poems on to this site lots of love monica davies
dave, you have touched my heart completely, i just feel like im not the only one anymore thanx 4 making my day just a bit better
this is a wonderful poem i can so connect to it
WOW!ur a great poet. im only 13 but i've been in the same situation many times. i'm starting to relize how much poetry can help me. keep writing ur awesome!
touchy poem ! Me Like :)
It was awsome how the poem related one to the arthor. it was a great connection.
hey i love your poem it reminds me of me i have been through the same
This brings back so many memories of being suicidal and fighting an eating disorder all at once. i used to write poems when i was upset and would cry for hours and hours wishing someone would understand.
wow. what more needs to be said?
I really liked it!
This poem is really deep & true. Write more soon! REALLY!
That poem was beautiful, awesome job! :) I've been there too.
nice poem Dave. I really like it =)
I especially like your poem because you encourage others to move on. A lot of people take advantage of what someone else would appreciate, and you make that known. Not only that but, about situations in life people go through and they can overcome fears. -one- young squeak and J_breezy
wow it sent chills threw me . very good poem . i loved it
that was awesome you have obviously come along way in your life. i can relate to that so much but it was spot on. keep it up.
This poem is really awesome and really explains the truth about what happens when you think about suicide and dont go thru with it.
I've stood in your rain, it hurts like hell going through it. The best part is the outcome!
I have been in your rain, but my sun is shining now. William
this is just so peacefull that i can realte to it all
Wow. This poem really shows the truth. it tells about how people really feel and I think it will help a lot of people.
I am in love right now, and I can only imagine not being with him, but your poem was really good and it left a good enough impression for me to say all of this.
I've stood in ur rain. I really like this poem of yours.
Graet poem i like it a lot
hi, ive not long broken up with my boy friend of two years, and its not hit me how much pain he must be goning through until i read this, its really great and has made me think. thank you.
Awesome. I feel that same way. I love it! luv lynz
This poem is absoultly wonderful i know just how you feel.
This is one of the best poems i have ever read. I collect poems. I also write poems about deppression and suicide. This poem was so insparational. I have been through this myself. thanx!
Excellent needs top votes. Should be published in high schools.
What an awsome poem, I can relate to it oh so well.
that poem hit the nail right on the head it was perfect
It relates to it a lot, thank you, you made me feel better, MUCH BETTER! peace keep it up, you are doing great!
As you said . My friend I've stood in your rain! I've been ther and fought that battle! I wish I would have know of your poems before I started to cut It would have helped! Thankz anyways!
Dave. Not a single poem has ever made me cry. until now. If I had read this four months ago I would have sworn you were in my head! Wow! Awesome.
Dude that poem was truely awesome. I`ve been there before so I know whats it`s like to say that I`ve standed in your rain.
This poem really touched me. One of my really good friends Zack commited suicide last Sunday & I just wish he could have read this before he did what he did. Thanks.
I can very much relate to this poem, and i actually feel better.
I have been down . And it does get better. Time is a great healer.
you did very well
exccellent poem
The poem was very touching and well put,i can relate to every word, my heart was broken 12 years ago i still think of her every day, my heart is still broken,i will never find that love again!
I really liked your poem. r u always so positive about life? I wish I could say that i could be positive about my life
This Poem Really touched me and I have stood in his rain. Believe me, it ain't easy. Bravo for an incredible poem and I hope to see more
i really liked this poem and I CAN TOTALLY relate to this poem and I think thats why I like it even more.
I was there and i have stood in your rain. open up an umbrella of hope ad you can make it today.
this poem has really touched my heart. this whole summer has been like hell for me and hearing a peom like this cheerz me up. i'm glad that their is an optimistic person out there like you. Tear* but this time a tear of happiness
Wow. I was looking for a poem online that I could send to my suicidal mother. Something inspirational, something personal for I too was there. I found my way through the darkness and pain. It shall remain in my heart forever as a reminder but it has made me stronger and I am now in a place where I thought I could only be in death, peaceful and happy. There is alway hope you just have to look within.
it completely touched my soul it describes how depressed i am thank you for the poem its great!
Oh my god you don't kno how your poem really touched me i had been goin with this boy for about a year and a half and we broke up your peom lifted my spirts thanks so much it's good to kno you're not alone
Very inspirational, and very very true.
This poem was perfect. He described how hw felt very artistically. I am very glad I was able to read and love it! It almost made me cry.
I think your poem is absolutly beautiful. You have an amazing talent and its wonderful that you have the courage to vocalize your fealings that way. I wish I had your courage.
I love this poem it's great i can totally relate to it.
Hey, this poem is true girls can be cruel and sadistic. I know how you feel bud. I've been rejected by lots of girls. Get up again man and fight
Dude , This is the greatest poem ive read on this site what i mean is i can feel your passion and love for your work and, i admire that its hard to find poets like that i always try to make my songs and poetry realy come from inside ! you let that shine out .
That is a beatiful poem.
i give you an F and F for FANTASTIC glad to see you are keeping up an optimistic point of veiw because i've lost hope in getting over it.
This poem was really well written I like it alot. Very well done i must say so keep it real
cool poem, i think u should send ur poem to ur girl
That was a beatiful poem. It made me feel a lot better about myself knowing that some one out there could be looking for someone to love.
Thank you for showing me the light - I know i am not alone
I think this poem says it all perfectly. But when will my rain move on?
if the eyes bled tears from the heart,,one knows love is a gun that kills without a bullet,,he sure is overwhelming!
That is sooo beautiful. I know the feeling of losing someone and feeling you can't go on. Then one day you wake up and realize yes you can!
awesome poem. it brought tears to my eyes.
very t0Uching!!! you know thats how love works.. you chose to have it so means y0u chose to be HURT ! 'ope ur in gUd heartbeat now...
Hey Dave i really liked ur poem! cool to know that guys can feel the same. where are u guys with lyrics like Boyz II Men?
I stand in your rain everyday, but remember life is not only full of pain...
i love this poem! So many different people can relate because all of us most likely go through this.
Thank you so much for this poem. I am currently feeling what this poem describes and I just want to thank you for showing me that I am not alone!
dave that is a beautiful poem, it expresses the feelings that so many of us have felt and if we hang on we do find love again, thank you
I thought about your poem alot, and I realized that your rain is the worst kind of rain, and that I will probably be rained upon for a while, and for that reason, your poem has touched my heart. Thank you for making me realize that I'm not the only one being rained on
I thought this poem was great!
Your poem is great but you never want to kill yourself..killing yourself is like killing you family and friends
I've been in your rain.
I could feel the emotions behind this peace and to me thats wht poetry is all about.
I loved this poem because we all were there once and we have all stood in your rain Dave you rule!!!!!!!!!
I just anted to say that this is such a good poem. I keep telling myself that everything will be better someday!!
This poem makes me feel like Im not alone in my feelings, I recently broke up with someone and I know how he feels.
I feel ya
I can relate so very much with this poem. I hope Dave is allright.
i like your poem Dave it explains alot that has gone on in my life.
great poem really touching