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Deceiving Me by Erin Howley

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I like your poem i know where you are comeing from
This poem descibe of what I feel about my x. great poem!
Hey, excellent poem. This poem made me realize that love sometimes really isn't love. It's only lust, and this poem makes me wonder how my girlfriend really feels about me. Keep writing, and I'll be sure to show it to her to find out. If tings don't go the right way. hey I'll live right? Keep writing.
ok, this poem is alright. i wouldnt say that its the best that i've read BUT it really reminds me of someone. but, hey keep up the good work
I`m feelin the same thing! This boy and me was talkin he told me that he loved me and that we should be together but the whole time he was just saying that than I found out he was talking to my Friend!Thank u soo much this made me feel soooo muche better!
This was a great poem. My boyfriend of 3 months just broke up with me because of another girl. I just laugh to all of my friends and say its no big deal. when all i wanna do is die. Thank you, this helped.
i thought that this was a really good poem!
what an amazing poem, it expressed exactly what i was feeling about a past boyfriend i just cant seem to get over.
Erin, I thought your poem was awesome. I have been through the EXACT thing! I am 16, and when I found out that the "love of my life" was talking to another girl. I spent a whole MONTH telling myself and others that it wasn't a big deal, and I really didn't care. Keep writing girl!
it made my heart stop because im goin through the same thing, except i could never put it in to words, thanks
This is a great idea for a poem! Sometimes we try to find things in a relationship (or potential relationship) that aren't there in order to justify not letting go, and your way of saying it was quite eloquent. Good job.
This was an excellent poem young jedi! I could totally relate! oh my gosh! could i ever! If only i had found the poem about 2 weeks ago when I was feeling it the most! but I'm better now! and I hope you are to! Good job!
I have been the same way. I thought that I loved this boy but, I didn't it was really all lust.
this poem touched me , and it was greatly written
I loved the poem, I know exactly what your saying, NICE JOB!
that is exactly what me and my ex boyfriend are like. we fought lots, more than any other couple we knew. we were both unhappy, we just didn't really know it. it was only lust, and it ended like that.
It really has a meaning & I'm sure we've all felt it once.
I really liked your poem. It really got to me even though I had to read it twice to make sure I interpreted it right. Keep writing, you are a very good poet.
Hey this poem is tight! It took me a minute but when i got it was awesome. I really can relate!
This is a great poem. Its how i feel for my ex i try to tell myself everyday the same this you say in this poem.
I really like your poem, and I could relate completely. I liked the ending line the most.
I really enjoyed your poem and in a way I can relate back to a time that I tried to do something similar. Thanks.
It took me a second to get what it was you were saying, but when I did, I was quite impressed with the last couple lines
i just want to say, that if erin wrote this poem from personal experience,i feel so sorry for her because i feel or am feeling the same.and i know how much it hurts to be decieved.good luck erin, you are a bueatiful poet
That was really good. Plus you have a good name too!