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Never Meant To Be by Earthbound Angel

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I really love this poem! It reminds me of my friend and me. =)
well i guess you heard it all before but after reading this poem i was very touched ... i have just gone throught a bad breakup and sad poetry is what i have been reading and none of the poems that i have been reading has touched me as deeply as this one... thank you... i cried over this poem and it helps to know that their are others that feel the same as i am right now
Fabulous Poetry, Breathtaking!
That was neat better than i can write. My heart was just like that until i took the pain.
This was a very beautiful poem about lost love. It brought tears to my eyes.
I really loved you're poem and I feel for you.. I feel something like how you must have felt. I just hope he reads it..
I know exactly how you feel. The exact some thing happened to me. A guy told me he loved me, and I him. Then, just before graduation, he told me that he loved someone else. He ripped my heart out of my chest, yet I found myself running back to him, only to be left to die alone. For that I am ashamed of myself for. Great poem.
This poem is very touching, and it almost made me cry. I am in the same situtation that you were in and I pry that things will work out between us.
i like your poem coz it perfectly describe the feelings i have for my friend. At the very beggining i fell in love w/ his bstfriend until one day he ask me if i can go and watch a movie with my crush and all i didnt know that it was he who really planned it all. now im sitting here regreting for a very big mistake, i did not see that love is only standing a foot away from me.
O my! This poem really touched me deep inside. I know the feeling! Very good!
I think this poem is really sweet and it tells the way i feel about some one Thanks 4 writing it
I just recently uncovered feelings that i believe that I have had for my BEST FRIEND Matt. I don't know why I didn't find them sooner, but I didn't and there is nothing that I feel I can do about it now. I dated one of his best friends and he is also one of mine and my brother's best friends, that is why it is such a shock to me. He has always been there for me, even when we weren't friends and it was just him always hanging out with my brother. I just wanted you to know that when reading your poem and your story, that I think I have convinced myself to tell him the way that I feel. I feel that I am about to lose him if I don't say anything.
I really like this poem! Keep up the good work.
Hi there; It is very humble for you to admit your wrongdoing. I hope your beloved friend will read this and healing will take its place. God bless U
Well Done! It was great to read your poem!
its a sad story good poem thoughgood work :)
You're right sometimes things in life just aren't meant to be. But I wouldn't trade the memories I have just because things weren't meant to be...
Your poem was really outstanding. Your writing talent shines through!
i like it
I think the hardest thing about love...passionate or that often times...we cannot pursue in earnest all those we could share a lifetime with...finding the One isn't hard...choosing One is...
If You feel crying after reading a poem may mean that it touched the deepest buttom and pain of your heart?! I had someone like "him"... and he went away, and never comes back... What to do? Suffer! I caused it. But: thanx for the poem!
This is an excellent poem. In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the higheset) it would be rated at a 10.
this is a very nice poem please notify of any the other poems by this author thank- u
I love that poem!!!
This is so beautiful, such an amazing poem.. so well written. I can't think of enough words to tell you how much I love this poem.. it is so hard.. to know how to react
this was a very lovely poem and it shows that no matter how much a person means to you there is always a chance that you can hurt them.
I have also once lost a friend that I loved from not speeking up.
I can relate to this poem.It is truely moving and beautifuly written. I only wish I could write like you. kudo's to you. : )
My favorite part of this poem was: "'Twas then that love so suddenly Grew claws, and without warning Clamped around my heart and left Me bleeding and in mourning." I liked the discription a lot and it had a nice rythm.
I love ur poem! Great metaphores,i love the way u write..
I loved your poem so much that Ive made all my friends check it out and all of them agree that you write wonderful poetry.
1 of the most moving peoms I have ever heard
I really enjoyed reading your poem, it was very mature
I really love this poem it touched my heart for i to was once like you
I think that your poem was pretty in sad kinda way