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I Learn To Be Strong by Felicia

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I really like this poem because it relates to me a lot mainly of my ex-boyfriends. I relized that I have to be strong through anything just about when they are not there.
This is a very meaningful poem. I am in a current relationship where i love this man and give him so much, that it is not returned. I have a loving heart and hope that when we end, I will be able to move on. I love him but he is not willing to give me what i need, and I can't give anymore. =(
This poem has described me when I was really inlove with someone who now I realize was only a crush I used to have once..I think this poem has made my fear flying away n encouraged myself for being a stronger person of course...and just ignore the past.
I think this poem is a helping hand for those going through the situation Felicia has wrttin about, and it truly encouraged me to move on and be strong!
this poem stated exactly how I was feeling today,I loved it.
Good one expect for the last part.. which could have been good...
I just wanted to let u know that your poem was great its how i feel tonight about that someone and it hurts really bad. But when it feels like the end its really all just i knew beging, well i just wanted to say your poem was from the heart and i was just woundering if i could write that peom for the jerk that did the same to me
you do a great job in writing poetry. i never thought that feeling strong would be so inportant to someone,but i guess some people stand up with lots of courage;i wish i was one of those people.
Felicia, this poem is so true. I am going through the same situation and this poem has justinspired me to stay strong and forcus. Everytime you love and hurt you gain new knowledge on love and romance. Thanks
this was a great poem, one of my friends is going throught something just like this but finds it hard to talk about her problems, i think i'll send this to her. thanks
I voted for you.
I like it because the author has the same name as me. I thought that was kinda weird, not that many people have that name.But otherwise it was a good poem.And I liked the ending because she able to move on.
hey ur poem is pretty good
I absolutely loved this poem b/c i'm going through exactly what it's saying and it made me realize that i CAN go on (even though he never wanted to return the same love to me) and be happy!
I love this poem!
I absolutely love your poem. I cried while reading it. I was like in the exact same situation. It really sucked. I just wanted to know that I really liked it.
this poem was very intense and had a lot of meaning that im sure alot of people have felt before excellant two thumbs up
a sort of encouragement to brokenhearted ones
very impression
tell more strong love ones to cannot bare the streght i like this poem a lot - touch my heart
Awesome poem from the heart that says it all.
i love it. so sad. it's exactly how i feel now coz i just break up
i really like this poem simply because i can relate to it.
I loved It . Love is a hard lesson to learn no matter how you lose them.With death or any other reason,you have to be strong,And carry on for your family,children and friends.But most of all, for yourself
Beautiful, very touching and above all very appopriate. Thanks, it was truly great. Keep up the good work.
Felica, I'm going through the same thing you are but remember stay strong. Its amazing how a person can express their feelings trough a poem.
This is an amazing poem that represents exactly how i feel Love Hurts. But also by loving, we learn a lesson. love is worth every chance even if it is only to see ur loved one for one glance. This poem describes a learning experience and just what to do, if u come across another guy just like u!! great work!
reality is a sad truth. we all have stories like this one to tell. but most importantly we heal from it and move on. Good one Felicia thanks for sharing this one with me
Truly inspiring! I enjoyed it
I think that this poem is very encouraging for me as I've met with some problems in my love life. I find that what she writes is very reasonable and reflects on what I think.
the poem really inspires me so much i learn to be strong after i had broked up with my first boyfriend. I cried while reading it. I was like in the exact same situation. this poem i'm going through exactly what it's saying and it made me realize that i CAN go on (even though he never wanted to return the same love to me) and be happy!
I can really understand everything that is said in that poem. It makes me think and those are the best kinds of poems.
love your poem.lifted me up