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Jackie by Jon Macomber

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i am in the same situation and it hurts it realy hurts
This poem is often true and I hope it will reach out to lots of people before it's too late.
I just wanted to say how much I loved that poem. It describes the way I feel about my best friend and it's amazing. I just wanted to say you're an amazing and wonderful poet.
this is a very nice poem.
this is a touching poem. I had the same experience b4. any way good luck to u I hope this friend of yours will be touched by your sincerity.
I am haveing a personal crisis nearly identical to this, so because I can identify with this so well this poem earned my vote.
this is SOOOOO strange. I was just surfing, and came across this poem. Jackie is my younger sister. Great poem!
this poems really resmbles the feeling i have towards this girl and i think this poem has shows great expression
This is so true, I am going through this exact thing. It is kind of a relief to know that it isn't just me!
Your Poem is a perfect description of myself and a very special lady. I just don't know how to come out and really tell her how I feel.
to bad Jon wasnt born centuries ago; i'd like to quote him like Shakespeare.
I just cannot explain how I felt when I read this poem but it is so true It is exactly what I am experiencing at the moment The poem is just so lovely
i love this poem
Waw. I can really recognize myself! COngratulations.
My name is jackie and i wish my best friend felt this way about me. Thank you for just showing me a little bit of what his love could be like. I wish you the best. Your Jackie is lucky.
it's really shows the depth of the love felt by the author
it was awesome
it was the best poem i have ever read
I do know how u feel, because i'm in the same situation. Its been ten years since i loved this persona and he never returned my love, but i'm not giving up, maybe one day
this poem was very nice i like it very much
I love it. It describes exactly what I feel (even if my best friend is now living several hundreds of miles away from me, so that I can only meet her every 3 to 5 weeks *missing her*).
This is a good poem and it is how a lot of people feel trust me on this one
Its cool
This poem expresses some things that I have often felt but never shared.
The poem really expresses my feelings. Its really beautiful.
i loved your poem. i started crying, it was almost how i felt.
I found this poem to be esquisit because of the title of it. It is also my name that's why I love it
I feel the same way about a friend and have the same experience you have. The only problem is I don't have the courage to tell her as I am afraid I would loose her forever.
This poem is so truthful in real life situations!
that was a very sweet poem I wish I were the one to be with you cause you got a terffic heart and I hope it will work out with you and her!
This poem has touched me like none other could. If poems like this one did not exist then things would be severely wrong in the world. It makes me more than happy to write these comments for this person is not only a great author he has a wonderful and inspiring soul
I am 16 and I love your poems about friendship and of course LOVE. Happy Valentine's Day Jon!
Great ! I love it
most good, does sum up how i feel
It was a very beutiful poem and I enjoyed reading it. You are very talented. I like to write poems to. I think it is fun and enjoying, how poeple can express their feeling in poems
that's a very heart warming charming poem.
wow..Thanks so much.I too have fallen for my best friend(though it's a little more complicated cuz we're both female)but I haven't told her..Maybe your poem'll be it..thanks again:)