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Blame It On Your Confusion by Lilttle Ber

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i loved the way you expressed your feelings and how you got your point across in such a elaborate and amusing manner. Being a youngbuck too why don't you send me an e-mail so we can speak soemday about our commmon interest which is poetry.
this poem totally says it all. the person who wrote it is totally real and i can really relate. it describes me totally and i could have never expressed my feelings the way this person has.once again this poem TOTALLY rocks 100%:-)
This is so true!
I LOVE this poem! It relates sooo. much to the boy I LIKE!
this poem is so true i can relate to it totally
this poem is REALLY good, and i can relate to it a lot
i know where this person is coming from..and you want to fall in love so much, but as soon as you get in it & find out the hard way you just cant wait until you get outta it!
I have the exact same feelings about someone that is about 4 years older than me. We were together for awhile then it seemed that he didn't really care for me like I did for him and I was hurt so bad. I am still trying to get over him today.
This poem sounds just like a relationship ive gone through recently and i love it
i love this poem.. i think you are right about this.because there are many people could related to this poems. Love is such a pain when it is only one way.
I really like this poem and I can really relate. I swear I was just in this situation not too long ago and truthfully I still am. but this is a really wonderful poem.
thats exactly how i feel!
I think this poem is very touching because there is this guy that I have liked since the 7th grade and now I'm in the 10th grade. Me and him are just know starting to get the friendship that I have been waiting for. Then he tells me the other day that he is seeing on of my frinds and I'm so hurt and Confused!
This is a beautiful poem and it describes how I feel perfectly.
I love this poem, it is absolutly so true. Some people just don't get it though. it's wonderful and so true. Thanx you.
girl i can relate to this whole thing i was in love with this fine boy but he like this chicken head girl. do your thing girl.