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Going To Be A Mother by Ruwaida Van Doorsen

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I really thought this poem really had something to do with me. It is excellent.
Teen mothers need courage and this is it.
just wanna say that this poem whas short , verry sad, but beutifull. i know what ya feel like. i had a daughter at the age of 16 and it's whas really hard for me to except it. but i made it treu the years. i dont know if your luky that the father whas helping you out, but the father of mine child did. and i'm still with im and my child is now a year, and i'm still going to school. i hope you have the change to finish your school to.
I could have written these exact words five years ago. What an awesome poem! She put into words what many woman feel at that time in their lives.
i really like this poem alot because i can almost relate to it! my brother and his girlfriend had a gorges baby boy when they were still teenagers. my brother was 17 and his girlfriend was there 18 and 17 and the baby is so special to all of us.The baby is fixing to turn two. Like the poem says "I'm a child fixing to have a child." well, they are kids trying to rase a kid! GOOD JOB! :)
this poem was more then words and phrases it really touched me because i am in the same boat as she is except im 16 and i lost my child yesterday evening. take care of yourself!