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I'm Sorry by Duke Nguyen

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What you did, what u said, what u feel, i can feel it too. It seems like we have the same destiny. Your poem is a poem of regret and appology. But i wonder if these words have been said have been send to your love, because feeling sorry is not enough untill u actually say sorry. GoodLuck!
great poem!!~
I love this poem!!! It was a perfect description of what im going through!!! I love how he worded it and i just love how it flows!!!! This ones for you Glenn!!!
really good poem.. helped me with one of my problems.. and when i needed to find those words to tell my friend.. this poem basicly gave them to me..
Sometimes, there is not enough apoloagies to ever right the wrongs.
I truly could relate to this poem. As I read it I was only caught in the past, it was a very emotional poem for me! This is a beauty!!
This was a very beautiful poem. It reminds me of a special person I once had in my life.
great !