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The Last Goodbye by Michael Bush

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i luv this poem! ahh! its soo true and its somehing that i can relate to! I LUV IT SOO MUCH! i dunno what else to say! *smiles*
That poem, described EXACTLY how i feel about this guy called Jason, we went out a couple of times and next thing you know i fall in live, and so does he, with my best friend! I try to get over him, but nothing works. So i think Michael is a great poet!
I think your poem really tells how you feel, and you put your words in a good way to say how you felt.
It think it is a very emotional poem because all of the words that he said is so real. The last goodbye when it comes to love mean a lot.
It's rare to read poetry from a guy 1st of all, and secondly to have so much emotion as this one did.Thanks,it gave me a whole new look on how "in touch" guya can be.
i think this was a great poem. it says a lot for someone that just broke up with someone they truly care about.
My girlfriend and I recently broke up after 3 years of being together. This poem made me cry because it is just like listening to myself.
This poem was great. It explains exactly with what I'm going through and I can completely understand what you are saying!
that peom it so really to me yo
I really liked your poem because you are a guy and it is hard for a guy to admit when they have lost something good! From a girls point of view if I was that girl I would be flattered!
I realy like this poem cause i can truly relate to it i realy hurt a guy i thought i loved or did i dont know i just realy like this alot (it made me cry)
This is so great. I like pretty much cried when i read this. It explains everythign im feeling right now, i knwo i have to say good-bye, but i dont know how. Its just Wonderful, This is true art. Keep it up, i enjoy it alot!
Man! Your poem is the best i've ever read.
very cool
that poem is one of the best poems i have ever read in my entire life. my b/f and i broke up a couple of weeks ago and altho' it's gender swapped. i feel the same way. good on you Michael
i really like your poem i can relate to The Last Goodbye, i've gone through some hard times with lots of guys. keep up the good work
this poem is how i feel bout my ex boyfriend he acts like he still loves me but then he dont at times and i just him so much so i really really like this poem!