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The Risk I Took To Love You by Daisee_aj

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the best!
I totally feel this. This guy ive been friends with since my freshman year, now im a junior, i just now realized i have feelings for him, btu im scared to tell him because of what it might do to our friendship, and i would never want anythign to come between me and his friendship. But i dont want these feelings inside me any longer. This is totally respectful, i wish i knew the person that wrote this so i could tell them how much this poem means.
Your poem is really similar to how I felt about someone a long time ago. It is very good.
this is a great poem.brought tears to my eyez.good luck on writing more
That was a very, very beautiful poem, even though I have never been in that situation, It was very precious. I truly hope you find true love ou there, it's not easy, let it come to you, also you need to write more poems, you're really great
i love it! it kind of relates to me and my guy best friend. i love it!
i understand how you feel and i love that poem!
Thank you for sharing the wonderful poem