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What You Mean To Me by Baby Bad

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Very nice!!
I think this is the best poem i have read in conveys all i wanted to say but didn't know how.....keep up the good work :)
It tugged at the heart strings and it was so very very true.
What you mean to me, this is one of THE VERY BEST I have come across.
its cute!
I love this poem..I have met a great guy on the internet..he is perfect for me and i'm perfect for him..Thank you!
i like it very well
oh what a GREAT poem!! its so simple an yet so true..
Very heartwarming, it goes beneath the skin.
Your poem says all that I have within my heart which I just cant put on papers. Thanks for saying it out for me!
I loved your poem. It says everything that I could want to convey to a special friend that I have made on ICQ. Thank you for the great words.
LOVE this poem. Really one of the greatest cyberfrens poem.
I had an encounter like this, what a poem.. Much abliged.. Thanks for making me smile. :)
I really loved this poem. It really hit the nail on the head for me and my cyber pal!
very good