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Baby's Words by Frank Greg

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I have a 3 month old baby boy and this poem just reached out and grabed me. It is so perfect and just awsome.
So emotional !
a delightful poem ,my youngest is now 7 yrs old,but i look after my 4 month neice all day for once aweek and i wish i had appreciated my own as much it truly moved me back to when mine where lil new ones!brilliant!
I love this poem, Frank. It is amazing!
Fantastic poem!
Great poem. I used it in a greeting card for my grandnephew's baptism. Thought it would make the parents feel great. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts.
This is such a wonderful poem. It moved me very much. Wonderful!
fantastic just had a grandson and this poem fits him perfectly
Very moving and special.thankyou.
Thanks for the beautiful poem..I'm going to attach this to my newborn grandchilds photo this Xmas..
I really thought this poem expressed the author's thoughts very well. It flowed well and was thought-provoking as well.
I sit here with watery eyes and goosebumps on my skin, I have never read such a beautiful, wonderful poem. What a gifted man this Mr. Greg. I can only imagine the reaction by his family apon hearing it. I have two children, and only wish I could have thought of those words myself. :)
you're a good father , also be a good son , too. :)
I love this poem. I was looking for a poem that I could add to a card to give to my Mom from my 9 month old daughter, my Mom takes care of her everyday while I work, and I couldn't find a poem that fit perfectly. Well this one made me cry!!!! It fits perfect. I love it. Sara (Morgan's Mommy)
i absolutley loved this poem. It made me cry and that is hard to do. I am going to have this peom read at my sons baptizem. Thank you for righting the words that i could not say. It is so hard to express the love you feel for your children. Perfect job. Thank you
a wonderful poem
Loved the way you put yourself in the baby's emotional position. I will also use this beautiful poem in a baptismal card. Thank you and don't worry your name will be there.
VERY touching!
A beautiful poem!
Beautiful and very moving!
Brilliant. Just sums up how I feel about my baby.
That was very touchy. I loved it! Knowing what to say for a child and understanding what they're going through especially from a man is something else to me. Not many males can understand a child. I know you'll be one of the best fathers around.
Brought tears to my eyes - beautiful.
Excellent poem I wrote it in my new sons baby book
I love this poem it couldn't be better.
It brought tears to my eyes!
I absolutely love this poem.Excellent job.I got goosebumps just reading it..isn't it something what children can bring out in us
This is just a wonderful poem. One that touches the deepest of hearts.