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To My Grandmother by DuAnn Wall

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this is really touching for i have lost my grandmother to and she was my best friend.
I loved this poem. It has inspired me to write a poem of my own.
god that was just a great and verry touching poem it makes me think about my great granmother i miss her so much great job im sure she is verry proud of youre poem
Hello,Your poem was practically the same thing I did for my grandpa for when my grandma died December 9th,2002. I cried and cried she was so close to me and I had moved away when I was in 6th grade and I saw her over the summers but I never really got to say bye to her,I was in a great deal of pain and I think your poem was touching and helped me a little bit about accepting my grandmothers death Thank you
your poem was very touching. it brought back this pain that is still so new in my heart. my grandma passed away on oct. 28, 2002. i miss her greatly. at times it seems as if she's still with us but other times reality checks in. i know she's in a much better place & im comforted by that. god bless her
wow that poem had me sitting at my computer crying my eyes out, because right now that is exactly what I am dreading most. that call from grandpa. things will never be the same. this poem is truly beautiful
my grandmother died last june and it was very hard. i miss her very much and she is all i think about. i found this poem very touching
i thought your poem was really great. i lost my grandfather about 5 years ago and i know how you must have felt. it makes you think about the importance of life even more. god bless you.
This poem says so much! It's wonderful! I know exactly how you feel. My Pepere (Grandpa) died last year on May 17, 2001. It has been extremely hard on me and I can relate to your poem very well. We will all see our loved ones again someday, when the time is right. Until that time, they will be watching over us with love. They never left. They are always here, remember that and smile while thinking of all the good times you had together.
I love this poem. It reminds me of how i felt when i had to bury my nanna bout 2 year ago. She was the best thing that was in my life and i still wont forget the day my mum phoned to tell me she'd passed away. I never got to say goodbye to her and i know that will haunt me for the rest of my life. This poem is everything i feel towards her.
Your poem brought tears in my eyes,my grandma is fighting for life for the past 3 weeks.I cant come to terms with the fact that anytime,she will leave us all.She has been a pillar of strentgh for the entire family.your poem hit me on the bottom of my heart.i share your grief!
we know how this author felt because we lost our grandma feb.6 and it was not easy for a while and chrissy and miss her very very much and we can bearly live life without her.
My Grandmother passed away Oct. 9, 2001. I loved her very much and still do. Your poem was very touching and it brought tears to my eyes. It is great that you loved your grandmother so much that you wrote a very beautiful poem to express your feelings. God Bless You.
I know how it feels to lose a grandmother. I lost my Memere Jly 4th from liver cancer. I miss her very much. I'm still having a hard time with it. But at least she's in a better place now away from the pain and with my dad. This was a very moving poem. You did a great job.
i know how it fells to lose a loved one instead of my grandma dieing it was my garandfather but your poem reminded me of him thanks for your poem
i liked your poem it reminded me of my grandmother she died september 20,2001 i still thing of her and i can't stop crying but i know she is up in heaven watchen over me and i miss her but we will see each other when i get up there at the golden gates.
Grandmas are so very important in our lives. I lost my Grandma in 1992 and still miss her so very much so was the biggest part of my life, she was the best! Your poem is very Beautiful, Great job.
i know how you feel. My grandmother passed away on thanksgiving in a very horrible way. She choked todeath
I really liked this poem. My Grandmother just died on June 11, 2001. And I still miss her today and she is always in my dreams.
i think your poem was great I lost my Grandma just this March 9,2001. I know how hard it is to loose a g-ma and I felt the way you feel
This poem really touched me, i lost my grandmother a few weeks ago and i am just starting to realise i will never see her again and this poem helped me realise to remember her forever, and i will see her again. one day
i love this poem . you did a great job on this it.
That is a beautiful and moving poem full of love and thought. My grandparents have always been mamaw and papaw to me and that is what my two young children refer to my parents as. It is very rare that you come across poems that refer to grand parents as mamaw and papaw. I was extremely touched by this and could easily see this being my family if anything should happen to my mamaw or my mom
very nice poem, I know how you feel. my Grandmother and mother both died about 2 years ago(diferent month.5 months apart) At my grandmother's furneal I wrote a poem for her and the Reveran read it. it was very hard on me as I was the only grandaughter and it seemed as she knew it was comming.
this is such a touching poem for i lost my granpa and this brought back all the hurt i felt
very nice and sad as i can remember my gramma died on thanksgiving night it was hard to deal with and when somebody else looses a special person i feel very sorry that they had a loss i couldn't stop crying not even now i think she went happily that night. ;,(
it's a great poem
A grandmother of all people would be the hardest person of all to loose because they are the ones you cherish forever in heart and in mind.Never forget that.