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Painful Love by Jayzee

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very well said poem.i feel the pain
This poem is the bomb!
OOOOH GOD..this poem made me feel this sad squeezing pain in my heart strainge how can people forget their love so fast like that..i guess u really suffered..and i can feel how u felt.
this poem was a very truthful and real poem and the poet should be recognized 4 it
loved it
A very well written discripion on how it is to see your first love move on . . . . . . Feeling it my-self for the past year, its a strange thing to see the way i feel in words.
I Love this poem because it describes of how I feel every day
I think this poem is GREAT and I really feel for Jayzee because I'm also in his position and it really hurts when u were with someboyd u loved so much then you break up and they have gone on with their life and it feels as though when you were with him/her it ment nothing.
i love it. it tells me in the poem
it is reflect my heart. it is very nice.
I loved this poem I know exactly what you mean I'm going through the same type of loss.