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Perfect Even In Death by Lil' Red

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i have experienced the same and this is a very truthful and ouching poem.
I lost a baby to miscarriage and was looking for a certain poem for her webpage. I found this poem and it spoke of so many feelings I have. It is a beautiful tribute to your Precious Angel
This was a very amzingly written poem. This women put a lot of her feelings and emotions into this poem and it made me cry. I am only at the age of 14 and I could still fell the pain of this women.
we lost a daughter before birth but my wife had to go through the birth because of the length of pregnancy.this poem hits a nerve with us and we will adapt it because of the sex difference and have it read at her funeral
I went through the same tragic story after trying for 6 years.This poem is just beautiful and I now have a beautiful baby girl.
This poem brought tears to my eyes because I experienced the same thing, this poem tells my story to a T, and I can feel the exact pain