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Hands Off by Moonshyne

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This poem says everything I should've said.
Wow. When I read this I thought to myself, "Wow. Can this person read my mind?" I love my best friend with all my heart, and he loves me too, but he also loves his girlfriend. Whenever we're together we have to remind ourselves the same things. You have much talent. Keep writing!
I loved this poem!
I love this poem it is awesome and very well written.
i am married so i dont have this problem, but i remember when i wish someone would just say "hands off".this is such a great poem. you are a great writer "good luck" not that you need it.
Girl, you sure did shyne like the moon on this one. It seems like all the relationships that i have been in have been like this, but the only problem is that I usually just jump right in without any though like that which is expressed in this poem. I usually end up breaking off the relationship that I may be in at the time and start a new because the passion with that friend was too overwhelming. Mind you that that was not alway the correct decision.
this poem is the best thing i have ever read. it remindes me of my relationship with my best friend, how i dont want ot go to far with him
I don't know what ti was about this poem that made me like it so much. It doesn't even apply to me. It just seemed so realastic (in a way) :o)
I love this poem.. it says everything I've been wanting to say...
This is how my best friend and I are. I can totally relate with this because him and I can't be together.
The poem was very moving.
I loved this poem!!
just beautiful!
I think this poem is wonderful. I was looking for a way to express myself and the way I feel but, I don't have writing ability. But, I found this poem and it was the next best thing. Thank you!
if only i had the will to say those words..
i really like the poem!!!! its repeating lines help 2 make the poem unique and imaginaitve....i think this is one of my favorites..