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In My Mind by Jenn Farrell

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Hey i think u did a very good job on this poem it touched me becuase thats the way i feel about my cousin who was recently killed in a car accident . so thankx u did a great job.
Hi im elizabeth and i lost a brother 2 days ago i just wanted to let u know that this poem made me happier and u are a great writer i love ur poems
I like this and I know how it feels to lose someone so close to you.
Extremely moving.
Jenn, this really hit me, My 19 year old brother was killed in a car accident in December of 2004, Very well written
my best friend just died and this poem reminds me of him
i was pregnat and i lost my son recently before i had him they told me he was dead so i know how it feels to lose a love one in your life may god be with you and your family through these tough times like he was there for me.
This is a vote, not a critique. i was really touched by ur poem and it made me think about life after death being that my father is old and im not. i felt sorry for myself because now i really dont get a long with my father and dont like to see him alot. but ur poem made me think about what life would be like when hes gone. now i realize that i should precious him ow or forever hell be missed.
I really enjoyed this poem, because my best friend just recently lost her older brother as well when I showed her this poem she really related to what the author was saying in the writing. The author puts feeling in this piece and it shows.
very very touching. Sorry about your brother i can tell for the words you speek that he was a very wonderful person!
hi i relly liked your poem my friend has just died and your poem brings comfort 2 me thank you)
i love ur poem. it touch me. a tear even came to my eyes i just had to take the time to let u know.
this was such a good poem it was sad but it is so true.
i love the poem it said everything i was feeling.
i really liked this poem. my sister died in 2003 in a tragic accident. and i hate thinking about it
This poem really touched my heart! I lost my brother(23) about 4 months ago in a car wreck 3 days before my birthday. This is the exact way I feel about my brother and this poem let me know that he will always be with me and thats he's happy! Love you and miss you Brandon!
Your poem really touched my heart I lost my brother little over a year ago. I miss him so much every day. He was only 22 y/o he was murdered he was a great person. I love him dearly and miss him so!
This poem is really lovely it reninds me of the peolpe in my family if it was longer I probably would have cried
That poem was awsome. It had rhyme to it plus sadness. I was so sad when i read this poem. I never had a close relative die before but i did have a cat that I loved very much. I rememcer the day and place it happend. Dieng is really sad and depressing. And u explained your feelings clearly. It was one of the best poems I have ever read my whole life. Thank you for writing it!
i thought the poem was really soothing. almost like he was needed not just taken away from you. it is beautiful but i am sorry for your loss.
this is a really great poem ans i thank u for writing it.
This Poem is really beautiful and I think it will help people that are having grief problems, I have a very good friend that has lost her 26 year old daughter due to child birth complactions, she has left behind a 4 yr old son and the new baby girl, her mother father and a Brother who is having very hard time with the loss of his sister. this poem is about the loss of a brother but it could go either way! loss of a sister also, the words are comforting, and shows that you never loose that person, you just cant see them, to print and frame this and hang it on the wall, will make you see you never forget, time just goes on! thank you for shareing this. also shows Gods will is much stronger than Anything!
this was just very very good n touching
Hey, over the last few months i have lost 3 friends. and over those months i see who the real friends are and who the real friends were just never to be a good part of my life. And reading your poem makes me so happy to know that someone besides me is feeling the same way i am. your poem is outstanding it brought tears to my eyes and a warm feeling in my heart that says to me that there is hope and im so happy to know that i can come on this website and see that other people know what im going through.
hey well i liked ur poem was good. to tell u the true i cryed. im sorry about your brother, i know how it feels cause my brother passed away not to long ago. well keep up your work.
Im sittin here with tears flowing down my face fillin your pain beouse i also have lost a loved one this year. Its so hard to let go and the pain never goes. this will be my first unlcle i lost and i lost him to cancer and i never even got to say goodbye. your poam was very touching. thank you for shareing and sorry for your lost.
This poem is very special to me, as today is December 5 and I just buried my brother on December 3. I was looking for a poem to share with my 5 other sister's, being as he was our only brother and this touched my heart in a very special place. Thank you for sharing your pain with us.
I came to this website to find some comfort with the loss of my brother Jonathan, and that I found. You're poem touched me and I wanted to thank you for that, i finally was able to realize my brother is more concerend about me being happy, thank you.
I really liked this poem. I just lost my mom and i was looking for a nice poem to try and explain death to my five year old daughter. Thank-you
Jenn-I lost my 24 yr. old brother in August in a fire. Your poem really touched me and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us. God Bless.
It's a wonderful poem. Keep up the good work.
i really loved your poem. My mother was murdered four years ago on ZNovember 22, and every year on that day we go out ot eat in memory of her, and every year i make a brochore for everyone with her picture and a pooem. your poem touched my heart,a nd made me cry and i dont let tears fall down my checks very often. thank you i needed to cry.
I recently lost my brother and thought the author captured some feelings that I could relate too.
I like the poem very much. I lost my sister a few years ago, and the sediment of the poem touched my heart.
I am only 13 and on October 2, 2004, my moms best friend died. I was so close to him. When I found out he died, my heart just fell apart. When I read this poem, I thought of him and cried and cried and cried. this is a very excellent poem.
Even though this poem is about someone losing a brother in a car accident I liked this poem because i lost my grandpa to cancer a couple of years ago and this poem reminds me of one of the poems my mom wrote in honor of her father.
This poem is great! I am looking for a poem to put in a newspaper article for my wonderful brother. My brother passed away October 20, 2003 and he was my older brother and my only sibling. I miss him very much and I trying to find a way to deal with the pain. This poem makes me think of him and smile. Dalea
I just lost my brother too in acr accident. I love him dearly & miss him bad. He died in our country and i can't go & say goodbye to him anymore.
wow. this poem really made me cry. my 28 year old brother passed away a year ago. It was a sed yet well written poem.
when i was much younger my grandpa died. i never really knew him but now i really regret it. sometimes i feel guilty about it. but you are coping really well. poetry heals.
one of my close friends past away recently he was like a brother to me. This poem really touched me deep down inside.
A lovely tribute.
This poem was just beautiful and touched my heart so much. I just recently lost my older brother, and only sibling ,to cancer. I could not have written one any better to express my feelings. I have shared it with many of my friends. Very beautiful.
Thank you for the beautiful way you wrote your poem about your brothers passing. I also lost my brother to cancer in march. I hope you dont mind me reading this poem at his scattering at sea. As my brother is listing to this beautiful poem your brother will be standing aside mine saying my sister wrote that with pride! thanks jenifer.
i love your poem and it really touched me because i lost my brother about 3 years ago he was only 20 years old and i miss him so much thank you for your poetic talent :)
This Poem. I dont know what else to say but WOW! this poem reminded me of a loss of a boyfriend from my aunt. it almost made me cry because every one loved him so much it was so hard to go through without him!
this poem is very sad but true i feel the same way b. c my bf broke up with me and i ended up sad for a long time but this poem reminds me of him and i listen to depressing music. thanks for understanding my pain. keep up with the poems and have a good life. i love this poem it helps me to understand things better.
I loved this poem. My brother was only 10 when he passed away last year. 2/21/03 He had somthing wrong with his heart. He got sick and passed. It was a sudden thing. And this really helped me remember him. Thank you! R. I. P colby
I really liked this poem alot becuase my cousin, who was like a brother to me just passed away and i am still in a state of shock. U really touched my heart with ur poem. I am glad to know that there is someone else who feels the same way i do!
I love this poem SO MUCH! I lost a friend 2 months ago, and this poem makes me believe he died in that car accident for a reason. I can really understand why God wanted him for his garden, even though I wish he was still with us. !R. I. P. Doffen. -Caroline, Norway-
My brother passed away a few months ago and your poem really touched my heart. Thank you.
I think this a great poem.
It is hard to make me cry, but this poem managed to do that. You are an amazing writer and you captured every detail and emotion possible. There are still losses I have not overcome. Thank you, I truly mean that. Thank you for this poem. It brought back so many memories of the past. I remember when me and my brother were best friends too.
I loved this poem. about 7 years ago I lost one of my brothers. it was really hard for me, and this poem helps me to remember that he will always be with me. I love you and miss you Dillon.
that was a grate poemi know it is cuz i have been through it befor
This is such a beautiful poem you wrote. It had me in tears!
i just want to say i this poem really touched me! im only 16 and last year i lost 2 friends to car wrecks at two different times one in the fall and one in the spring and there isnt one day that goes by i dont think of them and this poem really got that feeling of never letting go out i say good job
How beautiful a poem,how sad and touching. It is a comfort to read someone who is living the same feelings as we are. Good work
This poem really touched me, and is exactly the way that I feel about my brother. He committed suicide just over 3 weeks ago, at the tender age of 31. So many unanswered questions, I miss him so much!
hey jenn i am taking the time to write to you and let you know that your poem really touched me. i lost a friend of mine neally a year ago and it still hurts, i took it alot better than many of my friends expecially my boyfriend who was best friends with him at the time he died. i am really sorry about your brother but never do forget that the people around you love you and will always stick by you. if you need to cry they will be there, i have never seen anyone take a loved one dying as bad as my boyfriend did and still is, but he has gotten through it and i have stuck by him. i hope you have someone to do the same because i know that trying to cope by yourself is the hardest thing ever. stay strong, all my love to you and your family
I love your poem so much. I to had a brother pass a way,and if I was capable,I would I wrote him a poem the exact same way. Thanks for sharing it.
Your poem was soo touching! As I read it, I cried so hard, it was terribly sad, but happy as well. You did an excellent job on it. I hope your brother's memory never leaves you.
This is a beautiful poem. My cousin was taken from an angel yesterday,Mother's day of 2003. This poem will help me be prepared and write one of my own for her funeral. Thankyou very much.
I like your poem. I think everyone can relate to your feelings. Sorry about your brother.
very good poem! sorry about your brother
Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I loved your poem and I am so sorry about your brother I know how you feel my best guy friend killed himself 2 weeks ago. But your poem was so good it made me cry.
i have an older brother, barely older, we're in the same grade. We're really close and i don't know what i'd do without him. i hope you're doing okay w/out ur special friend.
Writen to a Femail from a Femail. I LOVED that poem you did for you brother. I'll 17 in October 2002. But I cryed so much to this, it got my heart to wish it was me insted, even thoe I dont know U're brother. EXELENT POEM :)
Jenn, I was so touched by this poem. I lost my 18 yr old son in a car accident 2 years ago and can relate to you.
Wow. My dad died just 8 months ago. I feel like this also. It's really hard losing a loved one. If you haven't yet, you hope you die first because the pain is truly umbearable.
I really like this poem i lost a brother in Nov. 2000 and i still miss him soo much.
i lost my brother a few months ago and this poem really inspired me to get on with my life.
I found out yesterday. that the only guy i have ever loved. died. ur poem. made my eyes cry more tears. i appreciate ur work. makes me feel as though. i shouldnt cry for his death. but cry for the life he lived. thankyou!
i really liked your poem i lost my father when i was 9 of a tragic car accident he died instantely your poems describes exactly how im feeling its been 6 years that he is gone, i know that he will always watch over me! so always keep that in mine even if we cant see them their right beside us supporting us and being proud of our every move! you have a rela talent continue to use it !
Sorry for the loss of your brother Jenn. I think your poem is really "The words of your heart"
This poem really touched my heart, for I know first hand just how much Jen loves & misses her brother Chris. He meant the world to me & just as Jen says in her poem, he had a heart of gold & will truelly be missed by many. For me, being his dad,is an honor & he will always live on in my heart & mind. Great poem Jen,you really have a way with words. I am so proud of you! Love Dad
This reminds me of my mother, She dies in Sept. of 2001 from a massive stroke. Her birthday was this past weekend(Feb.9) She lives on in me everyday, She adopted me at the age of 7 months but to me she is my mom and will always be.
Hey I think that poem was great, it reminds me of my family that has passed away. Always remember, your not the only one and your not alone! Keep your chin up.
Jenn~ This poem really touched me. I lost my brother the night before Christmas Eve this year and I'm still struggling with it. It's like he's not even gone. When I read this peom it made me relize that he's in a better place.
This poem REALLY touched me because my mother died in 2000 and I was only 12 years old..I'm almost 14 now and I still think of her everyday and wonder why God had to pick her out of everyone it this world. I've come to realise that life is presius and you can't just fool around with it.Good Luck with things
i love it jen. such a beautiful poem just like you. keep writing babe
beautiful poem.sorry you lost someone that close to you.
I can relate to this poem. I had one of my very best friends pass away in 99 and i did not get a chance to go to the funeral b/c i found out 2 months after it happened! I am very sorry about your loss.
I know what it is like. My cousin was killed by a drunk driver on my birthday. That will be 6 years ago this March and it is still hard for me.
I'm really not in a good mood right now. i just lost my grandmother 2nite. so i thought id look for some poems and i came across this one and i have to say this blew me away. everything is so true good poem keep up the good work =)
Absolutely amazing work.the love you feel for your brother is so evident in this.I lost friends to a car accident, three at once, and attempted to write for them, but my work doesn't come close to yours.
i really enjoyed this poem. my grandfather is dying and i have been reading poems about other peoples losses and yuors really touched my heart. you have real talent use it
I like this poems because it is a good way to learn about and to find out more about death. they descripe the death not as a bad thing sondern as a good thing. They show that nobody must be afraid of death.
i love this poem, it is probably the best i've ever read
Very nice I thought it was a wonderful poem. I think you did a wonderful job. Well Done!
this was really sad but very pretty and i can kinda relate to what you are saying i feel the same way
Jenn your poem was great. The best I have read. Hope to read of them. Keep writing those poems you love so much.
That poem was awesome! It made me cry because my brother is also 21 and was in a car accident last May and that kinda reflected it! It must be hard to lose them cuz it's very hard just to find out that they were in a car accident!
Jenn, That was very well written. Brother's can be so important in life and it sucks to lose them. Keep the attitude. It helps.
This poem is wonderful! I liked it a lot!
Dear Jenn, I just wanted to let you know that I really like your poem. I could really FEEL you. I could really feel the poem. It really touched me....
hi Jenn im a Spanish girl who studies at Cardiff university. im 20 years old and my mother died last year. i was really touched when reading your poem, bec it expresses what i do feel. although those we love can go away, they will always be in our hearts, so its as if they were always with us. ive read that your brother died just 2 months ago. its really recent. if u need to talk to someone, just send me an e-mail and i will try to help u. Sometimes just expressing your feelings makes u feel better. try it with me if u need it. be patient, and give it time, u will never forget such nightmare, but as time passes by, u get used to it somehow. its very sad, but life goes on, and we have to continue, thats what they would like us to do. all the best, inma belloso
This poem brought me both both tears & a smile. Thank you Jenn
I came looking for a poem to present for a english assesable. I read this one and reminds me of my grandfather who passed away 4 months ago. He was my best friend and I will always love him, this poem put feelings into words so very well.
wow what can i say excellent the last line effected me so much, so beautiful
brings out true feeling
I really loved your poem. I recently lost somebody in car crash and this poem fit perfectly! :) I hope your family is managing
I'm recently lost my dearest friend to a heart attack and I found your poem comforting. My prayers are with you
This is the most wonderful poem I`v ever seen. You see how Jenn feels and how much she loves her brother. Her talent for expressing her feeling in writing is amazing and she helped me with this poem to understand the deaths of my gradfather and dad a little bit more. Thank you, Jenn.
Jenn is my very best friend and I love her with all my heart. I didn't know her brother but I really wish I did. Everything I hear about him lets me know that he was an amazing brother, son, friend and person. I only wish I could have been so lucky as to have had the honor of knowing him. xoxo