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A Heart by Erin Young

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good poem, i feel ya. but put more heart into it and watch it come out better. believe me, i'm a poet
It's oh so true. and oh so heartbreaking.
I really like this poem because it relates to me so much!
this poem is verry ture.i lke it the same thing just hapend to me a week and to days is the best poem that i ever read about a guys howall they know how to do is break your heart.i will defentley send this poem.
I loved that poem it really tells the truth all you do is get heart broking
I really liked this poem and it really tells the truth
I loved your poem. It is very very very true.And I believe if some females read it they would feel different about their relationships I know I do. Cause my heart has been broken,but now it has healed. And I know not to give it to a boy anymore.
Your poem is exactly how I am feeling right now. I really enjoyed it.
thatwas the best
perfect!!! u did the best !! nice 2 hear u , many thanks
TIGHT TIGHT, i love the ending!
I was really impressed by this poem and really liked it. Most of all the way it ended.
This poem is so true and i love it. I have givin my heart to one specific guy and he took it and broke it like it was nothing. Thanks so much it love this poem
Its funny and true at the same time. Lots of people can read it and say. Yea! Thats right!" Great! Keep up the good work!!!! ;O)
Good poem~True too
This is poem is the truth about having a relationship with a loser guy! If he dumps you and then wants you back after doing wrong SAY NO!
This peom kicks A**!!! I love it!!!
the poem is sooo true it's scary!
This is the best poem I have read in a long time!! It really speaks the truth about teenage boys! I am glad someone had the nerve to say it!
I keep taking this certain guy back and i think i will take your poems advise. He can kiss my a**!
I enjoyed this poem. It really explains about how boys take your heart for granted and then break it.
I really like it. If I ever get dumped, I will be sure to e-mail him this poem.
it waz cool poem
This poem says the truth!!!!!!1
this poem got to me I have a couple of friends that went through the same situation!!!
yea and girls are so innocent ,they'd never break a heart, come on, nice poem though, the comments wound me up tho