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My Treasure - For Mom by Kit McCallum

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I think this poem shows how much this woman really thinks and feels about her mom. Her mom was a great woman and if she can be just 1/2 the woman that she was to her children then she feels she will be doing a pretty good job. I know how she feels. My mom was the best mom any girl could have asked for.
this poem has touched me in so many ways.
I like this poem because it reminds me of my Mom.
beautiful as a mother very well written keep it up awesome.
this poem was great it really touched me and i love it
I like it becaue, it touched me because it's about mothers and teenagers
This poem described exactly how I feel about my mom in every way possible. I loved it and I plan on reading to my mom.
This poem was really touching and i am a poem lover and this one really cought my eye. I hope to see more peoms like this more often
this poem was amazing it said all the things i could ever want to tell my mother
i think this is a brilliant poem i read it to my mum and she loved it
Ellen Louise
Hi I thought this poem was brillant and it touched me. I am only 16 years old but i like to read poems and i think that this poem is the best one yet. Thank you, you have made me realise how much my mum means to me because my mum nearly dies two years ago and that made a differnce to me i love her alot. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A NICE POEM (for letting me read your one) I have wrote a poem for my Grandad who passed way last year in July but i dont show any one alse them.
This poem really touched my heart and it definatly was me and my mom, this is truly a wonderful poem, awesome job
This poem is one of the best poems Ive read in a very long time and Im a 100% sure my mother is gonna love it as much as I do.
I loved this poem! It is really true, how your mom guides you through life. I don't know how I would go on without my mom! This poem touched me, I loved it!
Beautiful poem. My parents are both deceased. Thank you for touching my heart.
I was looking for a poem. my mum is 80 years young today! For a present I have put together a photo ablum from her childhood right through to the present day. Your poem just says it all for the opening page. Thanks Sharon Daughter of Sybil Mullis
i absolutly loved this poem and would reccomened this poem to anyone
i loved this poem so much i would love to have the words and the thoughts this person had to write it
this poem touched me it reminded me of me and my mum!
it was awesome. you should write more often. you havea real talent miss kit
i was cryin wen i read this poem i luv it it is sooooooo good i am givin it to my mum for a chritmas poem thingy it is gr8
i loved youre poem it was great it means alot to all that read it we all have gone through the love and care from all our mothers. to exspress it was great thank you for sharing with all
I was enthrilled to read this poem. Its a true contribution from a poet or poetess to his/her parents. My parents burst into tears and even I burst into tears when i sent them this poem. It was as if it was a true expression of my feelings or an expression of any genuine daughter or son to his or her Parents. Marvellous !
dis poem is dat best for a mom
this poem is awesome.
i love that poem me and my mother has always been close no mater what, but she lives in oklahoma and i live here in illinios so its really hard on me to go through everyday without her. shes just not my mom shes also my best friend. when i get the chances i go and see her but other then that i miss her everyday.
I realy like this poem because it reminds me what my mom and I did when I was small.
I have printed your poem and plan to keep it as a memorial to my mother who passed away on memorial day. She was all you wrote and more and I miss her very much. Thank you.
It reminds me of mother that I lost 1 yr. ago she always there for me and my sister she always no matter what the problem was she always found a way to comfort us. Now that I'm a single mother of a 4 yr. old little boy. I'm trying to be like mother loving and trying to be half of the person she was to me and my sister.
Dear Kit, I loved your poem. It came at a time when I needed to read it. My mother is a beautiful person who put up with me no matter what I did. Two days ago she had a mini stroke. I related to your poem very much. Thank you for bringing the sunshine back into my life.
I really love this poem because the words described my MOM. She is everything to me.
How very lovely and insightful. It so fits my sweet 99 year old mother
I love it says everything that is true on moms!
Kit, ur poem was really amazing, brought tears to my eyes. I do hope you have written plenty more
I would give you a 10! If I were a judge. But I just had to share that, so, bye.
I think your mom should be really proud of this poem because when I read this I brought tears to my eyes. No im not a cry baby, it just reminds me so much of how my mother is.
This poem really touched me,it brought tears to my eyes. I had to pass it on to my mother.
this should get an award. children sometimes forget the sacrifices parents make
I wish I could write this well. Keep up the good work!
I loved this poem it really touched me it shows the relasionship a girl has with her mom it is great.
i loved this poem and it touched me dearly
This poem gets my vote because I have been seperated from my mother after 30 years of her being so close to my life. Mom and I have been through abuse and we have seen through the other side. 2 years ago I found myself having to move to Canada to be closer to my husbands family. In order to do that I had to leave mine behind and though I miss all of my family and I miss all the babies I have never met it is my mom I miss the most, who through it all gave me the strength I needed to be the woman and mother I am today. I love her I miss her and I feel this poem touches that sentiment so greatly. Thank you
Beautiful tribute to all Mom's!
This makes me see, that as much as I despise my mom for not letting me do the things teens should do, I see how good she has always been to me, and it showed me how much I really do love her. Thank you so much.
I thought your poem was really fantastic,it really touched me because thats how I feel about my mother.
i really like this poem cause it mad me think of my mom and everything shes done for me it was really good
i can relate to this poem i loved it
I really like this poem and it has a special meaning and a loving touch to it. It was great! I loved it.
this is a beautiful poems. I don't quite get along with my mother since I was 13 yrs old. But Since I found out I was pregnant with my little girl, she was there with me in the hospital. I guess that shows she still care about me, I love my mother. I wish we can get along more. She hasn't spoke to me for 2 months after she foudn out- but now I'm trying to get along with her, because I need my parents to help me, and show me how to gtow my child. Um I love this poem.
this is a really touching poem that can really relate to some people.
I made this vote because this has really mad me think about how much my mother was here for me these 14 years of my life. My dad left me when I was 2, this poem is truely means alot to me. Thanks alot ps. keep writing, you never know how many people you touch each day!.
thanx soooo much for writin' this poem, my mum absolutely loved it.
The poem is good and it rewinded my past experiences. Good!
Our mother's 90th birthday will be celebrated this weekend. We will post your lovely poem at our mother's party. Thank you for decribing our dear mother.
oh i loved this poem, and i am here to vote . but to also ask for details about the author
tears came rolling out of my eyes
This poem is beautiful and it says it all. GOOD JOB. I rate you a 10
An excellent piece of poetry. Motherhood is universal regardless of time and space. In my opinion it is the single instance of eternal compassion that touches all creations on earth. It is Love of mother that remains a home truth at the spectrum of life to mankind since inception. I do share the great passion of love for Mom of the poet. The poem is representative of Love for Mother all across the barrier of time,culture,geography and space. Thanks NIPPON
Your Poem Touched Me So Much!
This poem was wonderful. I read it and I thought so much about it that I printed it our and framed it in a nice frame and gave it to my mother for her birthday! She loved it! and so did I!
Very Nice!
i needed something to help my mother lift her spirits while in the hospital. although it made her cry at first she was so happy to het such a lovely poem. thank you for helping me to make my mother feel better
I LOVE this poem! You've done a wonderful job! This poem means alot to me! KEEP WRITING!
thanx heaps! thank you for taking the time to lift up others on the net. 'GOD LOVES YOU' thanx again ps: i hope to uplift my mum with your poem.
I loved the poem you wrote. It really touched me. Thank You!
That was such a nice poem! i mean sure sometimes i like hate my mom but when reading that i feel soo bad cuz she has always been there when my dad wasnt
O wow! This poem really touched me, and poems usually don't do that. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us! Keep up the good work!
i loved your poem and sent it to my mom!
love you soooooooo much mum. This poem has made me realise this! thank's so much for your inspiration!
Your poem has brought tears to my eyes, because I have Sickle Cell Anemia and it has been very hard and difficult for me to get my college education. But with my mothers help I have made it and I will be graduating on May 18,'02
it was very beautiful and inspiring
I was mad at my mom before i read this and now I am about to go apoligize to her. This poem really touches your heart and makes you think of the important things in life. ( like your mom) I really liked it alot!
I wish I would have wrote this poem for it is how I feel about my mother and the last lines touches me the most: "A woman whose most gentle soul, Embraces me each day. A woman whom I dearly love, Much more than words can say. "
Very nice .Your mom would be proud. After all,it would be a mothers dream to have thier childern look up at them so sweet!
This poem is really wonderful. It has touched my heart and soul. It made tears come to my eyes because it reminds me of a wonderful mother I have. You are a wonderful writer and never give up.
I really love this poem.I couldn't of put it in better words of how I feel about my mom..It is a great poem!You need to write more!
You completely described everything that I have wanted to tell my mom and just couldn't find the words to say. Thanks for the help.
flowing easy to read and says lots about how I feel too. Thankyou
this brought back wonderful memories of my mother..i just love this poem and i hope you keep up the excellent talent that you have..thanks for sharing it with us.
This really touched my heart in so many ways thank you for typing this.
this poem was very good and shows how much they love there parents.
I loved this poem.its fits right in my moms heart!
Hello, I just wanted to let you that the poem you wrote in dedication to your mother was so beautiful. You are a wonderful writer keep up the good work.
I love it :)
this is a great poem, i read ut and instantly sent it to my mom
My Treasure-For Mom~ has got to be one of the most fitting poems I have read in a long time. If I had wrote a poem for my Mom (and I wish that this was my poem)I would have wanted it to be this one. It was a joy to have read it. Thanks so much for sharing it with the world. Vikki
We don't tell our mothers often enough just how much we appreciate and love them.
this is like the best poem my mom is the same way she made me get back on that horse of mine and ride him not only that it is really a great poem
I feel the love and appreation she has for her mom, a very special gift that I'm sure she will forever cherish.
This poem is very inviting and reminds me of my mother. I have emailed a copy of it to her. You did a wonderful job & surely your mother is proud of herself as much as she is you.
This Poem is wonderful. I sit down to write poetry to my mother and not in the exact words but pretty close.this poem touched my heart and is exactly what I would say to my mom
To me, this poem says everything about a mother in a most beautiful way, with words. (I LOVE THIS)
I really feel this has come from the heart. This mother and daughter has such a great relationship. It reminds me of mine 3 daughters and myself. We are all so very close and we love each other so very much. And that is what I see in this poem. I really enjoyed this poem and I think it is a great poem for a child or grown-up child to send to their mother. Thank-you for sharing your talent with all of us.