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Then by Amanda Jenkins

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Hey Amanda, That was a tight poem. I read it and I thought about my best friend who I have known since i was 3. After 8 years we were finally reunited and this poem described his and my friendship to a "T".
It was so sweeeett
omg this is a great poem! I read this and I cried! I am 16 years old and this reminded me of a childhood friend who moved away last year. I sent this to her and told her how much I missed her. I really love this poem!
This is REALLY good..
I have read all of your comments and I just want to note for the record that I am very very touched that my poetry has in some way helped others connect with themselves. We all sit and think of ways we can reach the world and change lives forever. I look at as if I can impact one persons life I have accomplished a huge goal, but today I see I have impacted many more and for that I am grateful. Good luck to all and God bless. :)
this is a great poem!
Whoa! That was good! I was looking for a poem to recite to my class. But this is the best I read so far! I have to pick one by tommorrow. So I will pick yours :) (don't worry I won't take credit of your work) Anyway I make fanfics better than poems =) If your interested then you can just go to and look for the author "RabbitRose" (me).
anyone have a tissue?? Oh my gosh this poem made me cry just thinking of how innocent we are when we're children and of all the friends who come and go in our lives but leave a little bit of themselves in our hearts. To the author of this poem,I give you 2 big thumbs up for this very beautiful poem.
This was the bestest poem. I love this poem and hope to write amazing poems like you.
I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I AM READING IT IN MY ENGLISH CLASS thanx so very much you have very beautiful poems!
well done I like this poem it has meaning and I love poems like this good poem
it was great and so true to the way i feel
ouch! that hit a soft spot. I think we all agree.