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Net Friend by Nina

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this poem is very cool
It says it all.. but what's that stuff about the TV screen? That's the only weird thing. makes it sound like you're talking about someone on a TV show. But smart people would know it's really WebTV.
A very touching poem. A nd holds alot of trueth.
this is verry wonderful... i love it
Your poem is a very beautiful poem.I really enjoyed reading it.
I loved this poem. It was great
A truely beautiful poem. I sent it to a friend of mine on the net who i love very much. It made him cry tears of pain and longing. Thankyou.
u put my exact feelings into words.....great poem!
My thoughts put to pen. Thank you Nina
i agree with phil...bout the TV thing...but its ok...ur poem is really cool and i really like it... oh!by the way we have the same name...