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What should I do? by Minuk Choi

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i really enjoyed this poem. there is something about it that i really click with. i love how you write your words with such depth and meaning. i hope to read more by you someday
your poem is great!i read it and decided not to cross the line between one of my friends because his friendship means so much to me! thanks heaps love jasmine
This poem has given me something I thought I had lost. Hope
It really tell how it feels to face the dilema of losing a friend if to express the love or to force the feeling back.
I can relate & sympathize with you. We can only be friends but I wish it could be more. He is the most special man I've ever met! Good luck to you.
I know how you feel. Your poem vividly expresses every single thought that i have to go through.
this poem was great. i always new friends were important but this poem made me relize that friendship is something to charish forever and try to compermize and agree not fight arguge and fight hen next week make up. this was a inspiring poem thsnkyou so much
Very good poem.The author wrote my thoughts.
This poem totally described my situation how i feel for another person.we're good friends, but i like her a lot, i don't know how she feels about me, and i dont want to risk our friendship by me telling her how i feel.this poem is pure and very teliing of love and friendship.
This poem is really touching. I think people need to realize that love is always meant to be pursued in a close friendship. Sometimes, it's just meant to be FRIENDS
this poem captures the delima i am currebtly facing and is a real help
The poem says alot of things that readers like myself might feel about a special friend. Your poem summarize a few things that I could not understand about the feeling that my friend was sharing.
This poem is so awesome. I'm as we speek going through this question right now? I still have no clue if love is more important than losing a friend.
I have only ever tried writing poems about love and friendship a couple of times and it was to a special lady that I met last summer. Since then I have struggled to come to terms with the way it ended and so have never put pen to paper since. But recently I have found someone else and I have moved on. The progression from friendship to something more has proved to be a little rocky, but I thought if there was one thing I could do to try and make it up to her it would be poetry. This one that I found sums up our whole relationship perfectly and the things that go on in my mind when I'm not with herand I hope that we can work things out. Keep up the good work.
i can't not go on when i finally move to this one--tears make everything are not the only one who wonders what to do, and now i know im not the only one.there is no grand word needed here, just the true feelings can do all...
Powerful poem--moved me to tears
this poem was awesome. it pin-pointed exactly how i feel about this guy. i couldn't have put it better myself.
I thought that it was great! It was exactly what I was looking for to send to my friend!!
You poem expressed exactly how I feel about my best friend. I am confused about what to do about him. I loved your poem!
This piece captures the exact dilemma that I am currently facing; to be in love with your best friend and not be able to voice your feelings for fear of ruining what you already have together, and to risk alienating the one person who makes you feel like all is right with the world is absolute torture. Thank you for this poem -- I couldn't have said it better myself!
You have helped me make the most important decisionof my life. Thank you!
This poem reminds me of my boyfriend(who I love with all my heart).
I feel the same way thats why you got my vote. When you find the answer E-mail me - excellent poem.
This poem made me realize how important friends are.I never really stoped to think how important friends are.Thank you.
This is great! I know exactly how you feel, I love my best friend with all my heart but i dont want to risk losing him as a friend by telling him. keep writing!
this is such a cool poem, sad but inspiring.
I loved it, it was exactly what I wanted to say, without saying it.thanks