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Happy Father's Day by Tami Blackwell

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This hits home oh so well for it has been three years to date that my father went in Ohio State University Hospital for a Heart Transplant. I had a wonderful childhood and alot of memories but they never replace the face and the hug that I got everyday. He was a very specail father, grandfather and friend. I miss him dearly.
Hey, I really loved reading your poem, it meant alot to me, I lost my father in 98 and it still hurts to think about it because he died on fathers day. I loved your poem it was great!
I really enjoyed reading your poem. I lost my father February, Friday the 13th of 1998. It was the hardest thing to let go of. I now write poems of all sorts. But mainly of my fathers death.
This poem is a great one! It really touched me because I lost my dad last September, and you never know when something bad is going to happen, and they will not be there with you anymore, so cherish the moments you have with your loved ones because you never know when you won't see them again.
this was a sweet and sad poem. i recently (2wks ago)lost my dad! he meant so much to me but i didnt get to tell him although i know he knows.i miss him and being only 14 its hard!
I was really touched by this poem, my dad died june 28 2000 a day before my 16 birthday but we lost alot of precious time because o fstupid fights. if you still have your Dad just tell him you love him.
I really enjoyed this poem.My father is not dead, but I dont have alot of contact with parents are divorced and when he remarried.he just picked up his new life and left his past in the past..I still love him very much..I am always telling children to be happy when their father hug them ..I would give a million dollars if my dad was in my life..
I really liked this poem. It's deep and brings reality to life. It speaks the truth about death, which so many people hate to grasp.
I really love your poem. I write poems myself,I believe this is a God given talent. I hope you will have the very best of Luck with all the poems you write. God Bless Mary
This is wonderful and says it all!
Thank you for writing such a moving poem about a father that has gone home. On July 28, my father went home, I am the only child, it's very hard to put words on how you feel about someone you love so much. But, I thank God that he good you this gift. Thank you for your words.
I really ejoyed this poem. And I hope other people will enjoy it too
This was a very touching poem. My father died last year and i am only 15 and was 14 at the time. This poem really hit home with me and touched my heart, actually makeing me shed a tear. Its true...always tell ur father you love him! Thankyou!
I loved the poem written about my mothers father!
This poem really touched me, I also just lost my Father in October of 98. Take the words to heart and tell you Dad how you feel, while you still can! I only wish I still had the chance.
I guess I am partial to this poem, because it was written by my creative sister, and about our loving daddy, whom we miss very much.