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Mistake by Angell

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This touched my heart more than any other poem on here. My tears will fall for all you who choose the wrong path. Love yourself
I can relate to this poem. I know how it feels b/c right now I am in this situation. I don't want to start back up with cutting again. I really liked this poem. You're a great writer and I hope to read more of your poems.
.....This poem says alot... for I to have been at a point where that seemed to be the answer, BUT POEMS LIKE SEND OUT A MESSAGE THAT SAVE A LIFE....
This is an incredibly awesome poem. I think that it is the best poem I have ever read. It really describes how my life is going right now. Keep are better than good.
ive always felt like suicide was the easiest way out but for some reason i never could commit it ,now i realize its just not for me one even though god seems so far away he in nearer than we think
I can relate to this poem alot! I am very depressed right now and I can relate to this poem a 100%. This a great poem. Keep up the good-work!
you speak the truth.but when a person is down they cant see that hope.through my experements, i've found that the only way to dfeat the beast the beast is to wanna win over it firs your self.(i don't know, maybe YOU have another way)???
i went thru this xperience and all i can say is thankgod i did... otherwise i would never know what to do or say when someone i love went thru it and failed i think that more people can understand what happened now and can prevent it happening again
i love this poem and i can totally relate, good job
The Poem was great...... I found a resemble in it... I like it...
my mistake haunts me still. now the thing i fear most is if i will go back and pick up that blade . . . again and for the last time. i dont want to go back to that.
i thought this was a really good poem because the knife was a part of my day. every night i got it out, but after reading this poem i realize that it is not worth it. thank you