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A Man Is A Luxury - Not A Necessity by Nancy Ness

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This poem is sooooo perfect for my sister who is just recently single again!! She'll love it!!
This poem is the funniest poem I've ever read. It kind of reminded me of "Cat In The Hat". I hope to read more poems like this in the future. NICE WORK! :)
This was great!!! I loved it!! :-)
this poem is the $hits!!!!!! the best poem in here!!!!!!
This is good.Really good.
This poem is the funniest poem I have ever read I love it and so do my friends. Keep writing quality poetry like this!!!
i think this poem is so funny i think that its the best funny poem in here .........
I love this poem! Us lonely independent women need to be reminded sometimes that we DON'T NEED a man
This poem had me in tears. I love it!!!!
This poem had me laughing my head off! It was hilarious! I sent it to a single girlfriend of mine, because she will appreciate it even more than I did. I've read some of your other work too, and love all them as well, but this one just kept me in stiches! :)
Yes, Nancy you really are refined?
I thought it was really funny. Everything it says is true!
Great poem. Loved it.