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Daddy by Katey Shines

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I loved it there's alot of Fathers out there that should read it before it's to late.
A wonderful poem that touched my heart, its very close to my childrens feelings for there dad
Thank you....I have a father that is very similar, reading your poem has made me see there is some unforgiven pain in my life. I wish you the very best in life. Take it form someone who is much older.. you are a very smart person.
Very well written, its almost like its my life.
I liked it because it was outright honestly, something that is very hard to find these days. I felt for the author because a young girl this age should never have these feelings. My thoughts and prayers go out to her.
I loved this poem it hits really close to home. I think every girl who has ever had troble with her dad should read this poem.
I am 13yrs. old and i can relate to this peom so much.. it's sad and it shows alot of feelings,but the writer i respect for that, because she let out of of her feelings and i am lucky that she has shares them with the whole world so i could get a chance me to read them.. thank you, autumn
I can relate to this poem so much. You just explained my relationship with my dad, and my new step dad. It was very good
i can relate to this poem so much. it reminds me of my father not being there for me in the 11 years i havent seen him.