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This is a description of how I feel about love - and how I think most people feel about someone who's special to them.

A Few Visitor Comments

yes!you are definately on the straight and narrow. God doesn't by chance just drop people or situations in our lives. He is the father of all. He said if we couldn't love our brothers whom we see how can we love him whom we haven't seen. Love is the greatest of all. We need to spend every moment loving,encouraging,and enjoying life. Words of praise are true blessings to the soul who is burdened down. God bless you and your family. Keep on beleaving ,and making a way of hope for some unfortunate soul who is seeking hope,direction,and a word of praise!
Sunshine has captured the greatest gift given, other than "salvation". Not only has she captured the true meaning of love, she demonistrates it in her day to day post and poems. This poems says more than if someone should had me a thousand dollar bill. This poem means more, the love she spoke of, and I would not trade it for a million dollar check, my gift from God, that she has spoken of.
This poem expresses how I truly feel about how God has blessed us. We must not forget to share the gift of love with the ones we love. You never know the next time you will see that person, so tell them how much they mean to you. Express your love:)

One Of God's Many Blessings

God has given us many beautiful things that we, as people, seem to
take advantage of - not because we mean to, but just do not realize the
value of what we have. These things may be little or big, but how do you
define big or small when it comes to Love?

Love is one of God's special gifts that everyone may not get a chance to
experience in this lifetime. To share love or have love with someone who
feels the same way you do is a gift from God himself and most do not
realize this blessing. There are all kinds of loves - The love for your
child, your parents, your spouse or maybe love for a stranger on the
street. All these loves are feelings within, that God has blessed us with;
and we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have felt them at all.

So, love and be loved - and remember - there is nothing wrong with it, if it
comes from your heart and soul. So, share this gift he has given you with
someone special. That someone special could be you.

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