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I thought this poem was very sweet and innocent. It shows us how much something so silly to others can mean the world to us.
A very lonely poem yet very dramatic and endearing. It made me feel like I was that girl looking down on that pond reminiscing memories of her lost love.
I just loved the poem. it touched my heart deep within. And I am going to keep it with me, forever. Nothing more I can say about this poem.
I love this poem. It is beautifully written and hits home.
Nice meter, good subject, clear humor
Truly profound truth here Superb poem
I was searching for a poem while thinking of a friend who has just been given three months to live. I found this one and it was deeply moving.

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    A look at life, love, and sex - from the Cosmic View.
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    All poems are about Truth, but this one doesn't beat around the bush. Or, uh, does it?
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    The author, when submitting her poem, suggested a new category called Dark Poetry. When you read this, you'll understand why.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    When a loved one is forcibly taken from us, a talented poet will often see things differently than might the ordinary woman.

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  • by Michael Anderson
    What does a "virgin white rose" have to do with the somber beauty of the ocean?
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