Welcome to pipNews

Welcome to the New 2011 Passions in Poetry web page design!

Yea, okay. It doesn’t look all that different, does it? And for now at least, the only place you’ll see the new design is here, in our (also new) News section. Still, there are a lot of big changes that aren’t necessarily readily apparent and, within a week or two, all of those changes will roll out to the rest of netpoets.com (where they’ll also become much more apparent). Continue reading

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Attack on America

September 12, 2001:   The poetry submissions at Passions have been shut down for a long time now. I am in the process of completely rewriting our software, to better handle the heavy load we’ve unearthed, and I’ve already bought a new web server more capable of sustaining our millions of visitors. We are still several weeks from completion, still several weeks from being able to accept general submissions.

But these halls that have remained silent for so many months can remain silent no longer. The tragedies of yesterday, September 11, have understandably sparked an outpouring of emotions, and a relentless deluge of questions and doubts. People need to talk. To explore. To come together in sympathy, in outrage, and perhaps in understanding. Continue reading

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New Poems Added

August 9, 2000: Surprisingly, there’s not a lot to say about this update. For the first time in a long time there are no "new" features, per se, to discuss, just an extension of what has been here for some time. There’s lots of new poetry, of course. And while it may not be our largest-ever update, I think in many ways it might be our best in terms of quality poetry. Continue reading

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