More Poems Added

February 2, 1999: It’s hard to believe it was only a month ago (tomorrow) that I registered the domain name with InterNic, and slightly less than two months (Friday) ago that we received our first poem submission on the old, shared web site.

As I write this, in preparation for updating Passions, I find there are over 70 new poems being posted to the site this time, more than double the last update. And, of course, our list of resident poets is growing just as rapidly. There are now ninety-something poets represented here, and the number seems to increase every time I check the dropbox. Who is going to be the landmark 100th Passionate poet? I suspect we’ll know this week.

Our first historic issue of Digital Passions will be going out this week, too. And I think you’re going to find a new surprises there, and a few hints of things to come. If you haven’t subscribed to our free magazine, yet, there’s still time. Resident poets, by the way, are automatically added to the list now; thought I’d just save them a step, don’t ya know.

With any luck, and assuming I don’t need to sleep this week, our next update will come a little quicker – and will likely offer a few new features as well. I’m currently redesigning the database, extending the focus for the Poetry Buffet so we can more easily add new categories.

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