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Passions in PoetryLord Alfred Tennyson
1809 - 1862

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Lord Alfred Tennyson
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Local Poetry Articles

Title Author Size
Introduction Andrew Lang 3,597
Chapter 1 - Boyhood - Cambridge - Early Poems Andrew Lang 28,249
Chapter 2 - Poems of 1831 to 1833 Andrew Lang 17,000
Chapter 3 - 1837 to 1842 Andrew Lang 13,648
Chapter 4 - 1842 To 1848 - The Princess Andrew Lang 20,430
Chapter 5 - In Memoriam Andrew Lang 26,264
Chapter 6 - After In Memoriam Andrew Lang 30,807
Chapter 7 - The Idylls Of The King Part 1 Andrew Lang 45,701
Chapter 7 - The Idylls Of The King Part 2 Andrew Lang 34,358
Chapter 8 - Enoch Arden, The Dramas Andrew Lang 52,089
Chapter 9 - Last Years Andrew Lang 11,573
Chapter 10 - 1890 Andrew Lang 11,721
Chapter 11 - Last Chapter Andrew Lang 29,568
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Other Poetry Links

Site Description
Alfred Lord Tennyson: An Overview Looking at Tennyson and his work from a number of different viewpoints. In addition to the typical Biography and Works, you'll find slants on Political History, Gender, Imagery, and Themes.
  This link was submitted by Ron
Alfred Lord Tennyson's Poetry Nicely organized site with a lot of Tennyson's poetry. Of particular interest are Timelines, both for the works and the life of Tennyson. There are also some portraits of the poet.
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Short exploration of Tennyson's classic poem, Idylls of the King.
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Short exploration of Tennyson's "The Princess"
A Message of Hope A short but interesting discussion about the philosophy behind the poem, In Memoriam, as it relates to Death.
In Memoriam - An Overview Several detailed discussions of the poem, divided into various themes. Be sure to read the excellent Introduction.
Lucretius This full poem, with hyperlinked notes that help describe the terminology used.
Writing About Tennyson's Poetry Got a paper to write about Tennyson and his poetry? Here's some short but very good advice.
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