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The Internet is a dynamic, changing place. Big, too. Links change, search engines constantly refresh (and lose) their data - which all means that just because you found us once, it might not be so easy next time.

Passions is dynamic, too. We constantly add new poems, new articles, new poems, new features - and of course - new poems. Well, you get the idea. We know you wouldn't want to miss anything.

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The best way to always get back here is to simply remember our address. That way, no matter what computer you're on, you can always find us easily.

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Another great way to find us is to bookmark our site. That way we're always just a quick click away. Now, if you're using a Microsoft browser, that just means adding us to your list of Favorites. And if that still sounds like techno-Greek, there's an article all about it just to your right.

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This is the best one of all. If you're really serious about not missing any of the latest and greatest poetry on the Internet, all you need to do is ask us to notify you when we post new stuff. Give us your email address, and within hours of updating the web site we'll send you a short note telling you there's new material and where to find it. We might even include a little bonus with your note...

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